Romantic Prairie Style

Hi Everyone

Happy Thursday 

I have been  so frustrated with blogspot
I have not been able to get a thumbnail picture
to show up on other peoples blogroll
I have tried everything but I have not been successful...
I was editing in the old editor and was told to try the new editor so this is a test
keeping my fingers crossed
sorry for my rant I am determined to figure this out
any help would be amazing
Most of you know the amazing 
who just came out with her fabulous new book
Romantic Prairie Style

Amazon has a review of the book and it was so unflattering
I am in shock every picture in this book is gorgeous
Please go to Fifi's blog and let her know how much we
the book and the fabulous pictures too

I have been whitening some vintage lace pieces
The best way I have found is to use Biz granules and hot water
I let it sit in the sun for a day and then hand wash and hang dry

I like it to be as~ white~ as possible
This piece is my favorite
all the flowery intricate details

What do you use to whiten vintage lace?

romantic saying for today

"But to see her was to Love her,Love but her and Love her forever"
Robert Burns



  1. Hi Pam, This lace is so romantic. I have a pot I use to boil linens on the stove. The boiling temp really helps remove any yellowing; and Oxyclean helps too. I also use Biz. Hope you get things worked out with blogspot.
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie

  2. Your vintage lace is beautiful. I use Napisan to whiten delicate things, but I don't soak too long. I once left something precious in and it disintergrated. So about an hour, and after it's hung in the sun it's usually good. Love Fifi's work. I can look at that style all day and never grow tired of it.


  3. Long ago I was told to use dishwasher liquid on yellowed linens and it worked nicely. Now that we have better detergents like Biz and Oxyclean, I use them. I love the lace panel...very pretty. I hope your blogger problems end soon.


  4. Blogger was having issues about a month ago when it stopped running thumbnails. It cleared up on its own despite all of us pulling our hair out over it...not sure why yours is not showing the thumbnail. I would run a sample post with only one photo and no text and no title either and see what pops up. Then you can delete it after you try the experiment...just a thought.

  5. I have not seen Fifi's book yet. Maybe those of you who have read it can rate it on Amazon. Ah, that Robert Burns quote! I would love to hear a Scotsman read it with all of those "r's"....nothing like a Highlander's burr...*sighs*

  6. I am in the mood to clean my lines today - but, there's no sun!
    Well, will do the best I can! Hope you're having a wonderful day,

  7. Did you change your settings for "feed" content for subscribers? When I did that, I had the same problem. I had to go back to my old settings.

  8. Hi Pam...Fifi's book is amazing! Your quote today is going on my chalkboard...just love it!

  9. Hi Pam, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your lovley comments. I love vintage linen but don't have a clue as to how to whiten it...at least until I read your blog. Thanks. I am loving your quote for the day...so romantic.
    Have a lovely evening!

  10. I love your vintage linens! Fifi's book is beautiful, was does Amazon know!


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