She is a thing of Beauty

The past few weekends I have been up in Santa Barbara

watching our son play in showcases for different college baseball teams.

I took a walk in between the 2 games he played on Sunday

and look what I found next to the baseball field and the street.

I don't know how old she is but isn't she


I wanted to take her home and put her in my garden

I think I might have been in need of female conversation and I found her to be a fabulous listener LOL

so I am happy to share her with you all

a thing of beauty is a joy forever so true...




♥French Silver Ladles♥

These 3 French silver ladles I

found at a flea market in Paris.

I was walking past and stopped in my tracks

My heart skipped a beat. I tried not to act too excited

Then I had to make a decision which one of these fabulous ladles to buy.

This one is gorgeous and even has a monogram

How could I resist this one?

So...I stood there holding all 3 in my hands trying

to decide between the larger ladle,

the monogrammed ladle

and the filigree ladle.

Then my wonderful Husband said why don't you just get them all.


What a great idea

He was so hungry he just did not want to wait any longer LOL

We had taken the train to the flea market and on our way back to the Hotel we got off at the wrong stop but we found a great restaurant called

Chez Clement

yummy and delicious

I loved the decor of the restaurant then I noticed

On the walls were

Silver Ladles

Sometimes getting lost can be so much fun especially in Paris

Which Ladle would you have picked?




Halloween Decorating Magic

Hi All,
Happy Sunday before
I am so excited to share with you the picture
I received from a sweet follower who was inspired
to decorate her mantel from the picture above.
Here is the Mantel I decorated with
white pumpkins

And here is Cindi's artistic flare.
Love the richer tones of her mantel more traditional
I like the spider webs hanging down
spooky and fun
Thank You Cindi for sharing your design pic I love your ideas

My BOO pumpkins and yes a little orange too

and here is the inspiration picture again that I found in Country Living magazine
I love that Cindi and I brought our own artistic ideas to the
design of our Halloween mantels.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and emails
It is so fun to hear that you have been inspired to try a new idea.
Only one week to go
are you decorated and ready?

You still have time to decorate and create a little magic



Debi from Out of the Blue

This is beautiful Debi
You may have seen her in
Romantic Country Magazine recently
when we got a glimpse of Debi at her shop
Out of the Blue

Debi also hosts a fun Mermaids Mercantile
the last weekend of every month at her shop.
It is filled with fabulous vendors and treasures
315 South Cedros Avenue
Solana beach, Calif 92075

Debi is one of the sweetest and most talented women I know

For the next 2 weeks
Debi and her Mom are collecting blankets and clothing for an orphanage in Mexico.

Please stop by Out of the Blue and remember to donate.
What a Blessing

Here is the smile that greets you at Out of the Blue
You can also visit Debi's blog at
for more fun pictures and information
Have a great day



Air Kiss

Look at these fabulous pictures of

White Ironstone
They were taken by Lara at Air Kiss
I am so excited to be visiting with her

Welcome to
White Ironstone Cottage
I love your blog and the name is adorable
How did you decide on the name 
Air Kiss
I wanted the name of my blog to represent
the color white somehow and I often think of white as being light and airy.
One day, I started to remember the name of that lip gloss
that usually came with all the Clinique gift-with-purchase kits
~ Air Kiss~.
I've always loved the name of that lip gloss, so
I decided it would be a cute blog name.

What do you Collect?

Some of my favorite vintage items to collect are 
white ironstone, linens, lace and old buttons.
I also will buy vintage postcards if the art or
photo is adorable and what I read on the back makes me smile.

Do you have a favorite place to find Treasures?

There is an incredible Antique Centre in the next town
over from where I live that I frequent often.
It is one of those stores that goes from
room to room and so on, including a basement
where everything is marked at 50% off!
I call it my happy place and like to escape
there to find new treasures and of course, inspiration.

What is inspiring you for the Holidays?

I am very influenced by the Swedish "Lantlig" look
right now. So of course, lots of simple whites,
but I am also trying to work in some simple accents of red.
I think a bit of red makes everything pop esthetically.
I also am looking to Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine
to get some inspiration rolling for me.
I'm excited to decorate with sprigs of pine greenery, pinecones..
rustic things from nature as well as vintage ornaments
and simple Ikea holiday bits 'n bobs.

Do you decorate with White Ironstone?

Absolutely. I love to display my growing collection
on a white wooden wall shelf and around
the house in small vignettes. I'm always
searching for ironstone decorating inspiration.
The cool hue of white ironstone is so
pleasing to my eye - both to look at in person and in photography.

Lara and I have so much in common.
She is a new kindred spirit
Please visit her blog you will love her photos and her wonderful sense of humor too.
Thank You Lara
  so much fun getting to know you better
love that you love
White Ironstone



Care and Cleaning White Ironstone

This is one of my favorite
White Ironstone
It is on display on the dining room table

This is the Crest on the bottom of the bowl in the next picture
I wanted to show you so if you are looking for
White Ironstone
you will be sure to check the bottom for the Crest.

To Take care of your
I have a few tips to share with you
For general cleaning try toothpaste and a toothbrush
for tougher stains try soaking for 2 days in hydrogen peroxide
I used this for the bowl above and it turned out pristine white.

I like to display flowers in my
White Ironstone
If you have rings in the pitcher afterwards mix
50 percent water and 50 percent
hydrogen peroxide soak for a few hours.
Never use bleach on
White Ironstone
it will damage the glazing

I love that many of you are starting to collect
White Ironstone
It is Classic and Timeless and goes with every decor.
If you have questions about collecting or care of White Ironstone
let me know.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend



Grey Painted Walls

Grey and White
Do you notice anything different ?
I decided to add a little grey for this post.
Actually I decided to go grey when I painted my dining room walls
porpoise grey by Behr paints
I was inspired by these amazing pictures

The Combination of
Grey and White
feels classic and timeless.
It also gives an elegant old world charm to the room
works well with
vintage silver treasures and white ironstone too.
I am off to Santa Barbara again for another
weekend of baseball & treasure hunting
Let me know what you think of the grey walls?
Do you feel inspired to try a new idea?
Have a Great Weekend


*Collecting Crowns*

When I first went to the

Hotel Del Coronado

I was in


My Husband took me to dinner in the

Crown Room

on one of our first dates.

I fell in Love with him and in awe with the Hotel.

I Loved the dishware at the Hotel and was so excited when

I found my first piece at a flea market.

This Amazing

*Crown Water Pitcher*

I love the silver crown and the shape of the glass container.

Then I found a cute little egg cup.

Love the Crown

Now I have silver tea spoons with crowns on them

plates, cups bowls

So much fun to collect.

Here is the coffee cup with the red crown which is on all of the dinnerware.

I found some of the pieces at

The Attic


in Coronado

Congratulations on your 1 year Anniversary this weekend Girls

Thanks for going down memory lane with me

Happy Wednesday and Happy Collecting




White Decorating Inspiration

I found
3 white pumpkins
that fit on top of the mantel
and with my inspiration picture in hand
I started decorating the mantel in the dining room.

I am not a big Halloween fan but I really like the way it turned out
What do you think?

I wrote BOO with a black sharpie pen really easy

I like the mantel without the BOO too so after Halloween
I will turn the pumpkins around and leave it
for Thanksgiving
My twist on the inspiration picture

Do you see the white ironstone pitchers in the picture above ?

HINT .....

look in the mirrors
I love to decorate with White

Here is the inspiration photo

I hope you stay inspired to try new ideas




Rogers Garden Gorgeous

What a fun filled day we had traveling up to
Rogers Garden
Wednesday in the rain there were
wonderful treasures everywhere
Lots of Crowns, Crosses and Stars

Loved seeing all the decorated trees
and glitter everywhere
champagne and mimosas to celebrate
as well as cookies and pastries

Baskets full of treasures



Matildas Mouse

Be sure and grab your Starbucks early for tomorrows

Matilda's Mouse Barn Sale


Doors open at 10

The line starts early

This is one of my favorite places to find fabulous treasures.

Here is the address 29200 Miller Road Valley Center 92082

Magnolia Creek and Co Atelier

You will Love this new shop in Valley Center fabulous treasures too
Here is the address 31339 Valley Center Road
Valley Center Ca 92082
please stay tuned for more information about
upcoming sale dates


A Visit at Magnolia Creek & Co Atelier

This is Robyn with friends at the Grand Opening of

Magnolia Creek and Co Atelier

in Valley Center
The 3 day event was a BIG success.

Robyn is so talented and Her shop was filled with wonderful
*Vintage Treasures*

I took my camera so you could take a peek

Love ♥ the Silver section

Here is Robyn wrapping a purchase for Grace.

I called this the red section filled to overflowing with gorgeous french soaps

candles and lotions.

Love this gate it is a repurposed metal headboard

Wish I could show you the entire shop it was so cute...

Be sure and visit Robyn


Magnolia Creek and Co Atelier

31339 Valley Center Road

Valley Center, Calif 92082

Have a great day




*Pink and White Halloween*

This Cute shelf was in the White spray paint pile yesterday
then I had the wild idea to put it in the kitchen as is
I can still paint it white but
I like it
What do you think?
I like the chippy paint and the height
it is a great place to put some cute hearts

Still not sure. It would look pretty white
Decisions decisions...

I do like pink and white together and I have decided

This is my Halloween decorating for the kitchen
Pink and White with a little orange
But ..
I do love


Have a wonderful day
Leave me a vote
Pink or White
I just can't seem to decide.


*Holiday Decorating Inspiration*

Here is the Fireplace in our Dining Room
Do you recognize the white enamelware buckets
I posted about them last week.
I found 2 pictures that I
put up on my inspiration board
Similar fireplaces decorated so adorable
They are my inspiration for Holiday decorating.
First is Halloween...

Too Cute..
I love the 3 white pumpkins with BOO on them and the trailing ivy looks beautiful.
I even like the little orange pumpkins.
I don't usually decorate for Halloween but I think this will look great.

Here is my take on the inspiration pictue
It turned out so pretty 
Love the simple casual elegance of the white pumpkins
the trailing green of the  ivy

This is the inspiration for Christmas
Love the silver and gold color scheme
the hearts ♥ and the
Are you like me?
I have learned the hard way to cut out the ideas
I love in magazines right away to prevent
frantically searching through everything in the house
trying to find it again later.

Do you have an inspiration board?
Happy Saturday