♥French Silver Ladles♥

These 3 French silver ladles I

found at a flea market in Paris.

I was walking past and stopped in my tracks

My heart skipped a beat. I tried not to act too excited

Then I had to make a decision which one of these fabulous ladles to buy.

This one is gorgeous and even has a monogram

How could I resist this one?

So...I stood there holding all 3 in my hands trying

to decide between the larger ladle,

the monogrammed ladle

and the filigree ladle.

Then my wonderful Husband said why don't you just get them all.


What a great idea

He was so hungry he just did not want to wait any longer LOL

We had taken the train to the flea market and on our way back to the Hotel we got off at the wrong stop but we found a great restaurant called

Chez Clement

yummy and delicious

I loved the decor of the restaurant then I noticed

On the walls were

Silver Ladles

Sometimes getting lost can be so much fun especially in Paris

Which Ladle would you have picked?



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  1. Pam, what a find!! I have to say that if I could only have one, I would have gone for the deep ladle with the gorgeous handle, but I too would have loved all three. What fun, Char


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