Its a Bike Riding Day

This is a great picture of Cameron Diaz that caught my eye but it was the price of the bike basket that made me take a second look the bike basket in this Vogue picture $975.00. Thats right that is not a typo almost $1,000.00 dollars for a bike basket. It says it is a antique luggage basket?WOW
I found a basket for my bike at Urban Outfitters yesterday for $40.00.
Isnt it a cutie. I saved so much money I think I will get a Starbucks coffee too.
Today we are headed to Mission Bay to ride our bikes and enjoy the summer sun.
It is the perfect day not a cloud in the sky.I lovelovelove summer. Blessings, Pam


Home and Garden Tours

I love Home and Garden tours. May and June are the Months that most tours are held here in San Diego. My favorites are Coronado and Point Loma. My Husband was raised in Coronado.Every year we go to the Garden show and see who has won a coveted blue ribbon. All of the houses proudly display their ribbons in their front windows. We ride our bikes through the neighborhoods and just enjoy the view.It is so fun to see the older homes and especially great to see the older gardens in bloom. I have learned so much just seeing what plants look like after years of love and care. I always go home filled with new ideas for plant combinations as well as complete makeovers.Last year I was in Love with a garden that had a small greenhouse. I was so lucky to get one for my birthday. I feel blessed to be a San Diego native. I have to admit I don't know what it is like to have the 4 seasons we are spoiled here in San Diego with what seems like one season of gorgeous all year long.


*Keep Calm and Carry On*

Here is the view from the window seat in the kitchen. I love looking out at the birdbath, the roses and the birdhouse in the front yard. We just put this window in at the beginning of the year it is magical and has changed the entire flow of the house. The breeze in the summertime will be fabulous.
I think that it is funny how everyone always ends up in the kitchen at every party. Now everyone loves sitting at the window seat.We put drawers in the bottom of the window seat for storage.Pretty and practical too.
LOVELOVELOVE the new view, the contractor made a mistake and ordered the window bigger than was originally planned.How perfect it turned out after all.


A new addition to the Kitchen

I finally convinced my Husband to hang the $8 pot rack I found at a garage sale. It needed a little white paint of coarse. I could not figure out if it was going to work with the ginormous skylight (very 70's) which takes up the entire area above the kitchen island. It is fun to try and figure out what to hang, I know it is suppose to be lower to actually use it but I really just wanted another place to put cute treasures. The French bread basket and the enamelware strainers look right at home don't you think. I LOVELOVELOVE my kitchen. It is definatley the heart of our home.The view from the kitchen sink is of the Del Mar Polo fields. Hot Air Balloons fly right over the house.There is a window seat that looks out into the front yard and a birdbath I painted white too.


Happy White Wednesday

Every time I look at this picture it makes me laugh.I can't imagine living when you had to pluck chickens for dinner, sew your own clothes, wear a corset or wash clothes by hand. No wonder these women look so grumpy.
I wouldn't last a day. I love the time we live in. Modern conveniences are wonderful.
We just had to replace our old worn out hot water heater. Just a day without hot water was a challenge for the family.
We are all so excited to take hot showers and bathes tonight.Our new hot water heater is going to get a workout.


*Mothers Day Surprise*

I woke up this morning so thrilled My Daughter is home from her first year of college, my son just played at Petco Park and MY wonderful husband bought me the most adorable crown necklace. Along with the necklace was a card with reservations for brunch at the Hotel Del Coronado.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings and for the most wonderful husband and family.
I am grateful every second every minute every hour of everyday of every week of every month of every year that I am Anjie and Jacksons Mommy and for the Love of a wonderful husband.


*They are all MINE*

I have been wanting Sterling Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers for a long time. They had to be a little ornate and sparkly too.I see them all the time but they were either too expensive or too small or too big or already SOLD.
I finally found them yesterday. I LOVELOVELOVE them. Perfect timing just before Mother's day.I am Thankful for my new tresures and I am so Blessed beyond words to have a wonderful Husband 2 Amazing, Beautiful, Talented, Loving, Children who truely are Gifts from GOD fabulous friends and so much more. I am Grateful.
I pray you have a wonderful Friday filled with found treasures you have been looking for. Happy Treasure Hunting and Blessings !!!!


*Lucky Me*

Look what showed up at my door this morning.The most beautiful bouquet of Sweet Peas!!!LOVELOVELOVE I am in Heaven. The entire house smells so wonderful.Thank you so much my wonderful friend I am truely grateful for your thoughtfulness. I hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises and friendships that fill your heart with JOY.They look so pretty in the poor mans silver vase and the beautiful engraved silver tray I bought from Valentina at the Olivenhain Grove Sale.


*Successful Olivenhain Grove Sale*

What glorious weather God provided for the Olivenhain Grove Sale.The farmers almanac was spot on!!It was 2 sunny days filled with yummy lunches and one of a kind new treasures meeting new friends and seeing old friends.Gail did an amazing job and her family helped to make the sale a big success. From Grandpa Al driving the shuttle to Cody and Cade hauling furniture and driving the van to Jim keeping the peace with the city and the neighbors it was definitely a family affair.The lemon orchard looked beautiful.It was a May day to be remembered.More highlights to come about the sale including pictures of the vendors and some of the amazing one of a kind treasures.These are pictures of the grove just before the sale started and everyone was getting ready.