Home and Garden Tours

I love Home and Garden tours. May and June are the Months that most tours are held here in San Diego. My favorites are Coronado and Point Loma. My Husband was raised in Coronado.Every year we go to the Garden show and see who has won a coveted blue ribbon. All of the houses proudly display their ribbons in their front windows. We ride our bikes through the neighborhoods and just enjoy the view.It is so fun to see the older homes and especially great to see the older gardens in bloom. I have learned so much just seeing what plants look like after years of love and care. I always go home filled with new ideas for plant combinations as well as complete makeovers.Last year I was in Love with a garden that had a small greenhouse. I was so lucky to get one for my birthday. I feel blessed to be a San Diego native. I have to admit I don't know what it is like to have the 4 seasons we are spoiled here in San Diego with what seems like one season of gorgeous all year long.

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