Olivenhain Grove Sale

It is so excititng to see alll the white tents lined up for the Olivenhain Grove Sale. Everyone has worked so hard paying close attention to all the little details to make this a fabulous sale.
Cant wait to see you all tomorrow and Saturday. 10 to 4.


Packing up my treasures for the Olivenhain Grove Sale

I have been so busy getting ready for the Olivenhain Grove sale this Friday. I have every piece of luggage I own filled to the brim with treasures.My Husband gets the best husband award for his patience and help.
I wish I looked as calm, cool and collected as this lovely lady.I wonder if she is thinking like me how to fit all this luggage in the car?Hope to see you all this Friday and Saturday. Here is the address. 3534 Dove Hollow Road, Olivenhain, Ca, 92024


Delicious Lemonade

The Olivenhain Grove Sale Flea Market is being held in a glorious lemon grove on a private estate in Olivenhain.I hope you all have marked your calenders for this coming Friday April 30 and Saturday May 1 from 10-4.
I am so excited to see you all.
The smell of the lemons at the lemon grove is so wonderful that I decided to try and make lemonade from the lemons off our tree.I picked the lemons (they smelled so clean and fresh) and cut them up and used the vintage glass juicers to make the lemonade. I have to admit it was alot of work and I used way too much sugar to make it taste delicious but it was so good we drank it all.
Here is the address to the flea market be sure and tell your friends.3534 Dove Hollow Road Olivenhain Ca 92024. Look for the signs to guide you.


Counting My Blessings

My Sweet Friend Beth sent me these pictures of the flowers she gave her daughter for her 18th Birthday.They were just too pretty not to share with all of you.I am Grateful for thoughtful Friends who remind me daily how truely Blessed I am and how Great God is.


Here are a few of the Amazing vendors who will be at the Olivenhain Grove Sale April 30 amd May 1

Christie Repasy

Robyn Wexler from Magnolia Creek

Rita Reade from Mamabellarte

Shirley Castellanos from The Cottage in the Garden

Mary Smilove from Sweet peas and snapshots


My Idea of Heaven

Can you believe how Amazing this Wreath is?
It is made with Sweet Peas. Oh My! I can just imagine how gorgeous this smells.Sweet peas remind me of my Grandmother. She had the most wonderful taste and style. She loved sweet peas too. When I was dating my husband he would always bring me a small bouquet of sweet peas and now when I go to the farmers market I am so excited when it is sweet pea season to get a bunch.All the way home in the car it smells so wonderful.
I have tried to grow them and have just not found the right spot yet. I would LOVELOVELOVE to be able to go to the garden and pick sweet peas and make a wreath like this.Simply Heaven.


White Cottage

This is the cottage we put on the lower part of our property. We have had so much fun fixing this little space up. It was suppose to be for guests but it is so peaceful it has turned into a favorite spot for an afternoon nap or to read a book.
We don't have much in there just a loft bed and a denim pull out comfy couch.A metal locker for clothes and incidentals and a painted chair. The great part is even though we have power we did not put in a TV.It is so wonderful to hear the owl at night hooting away. To have time to hear your quiet thoughts should be part of everyones day.



The countdown has begun with only 15 days before the Olivenhain Grove Sale.
Here is the address
3534 Dove Hollow Road Encinitas Calif 92024.
There are over 30 wonderful vendors getting ready to make this an event to be remembered with beautiful antiques and vintage items you are going to LOVELOVELOVE.
Click on the title above to get more information.
I am getting so excited to see all of you.


Happy White Wednesday

This is the cutest clog I have ever seen.
It is by Calou and each pair of Calou clogs is hand-made in Sweden and is totally unique. There is no mass production. Craftsmanship and quality are more important and it shows.I want a pair.I LoveLoveLove them.


White Ironstone

These White Ironstone Pitchers are so cute all in a row. White Ironstone is so versatile and is always a great and fun way to decorate your home. I use all my Ironstone no matter how old or precious because I love the crazing old Ironstone gets from use. These three pitchers all came from different places. The large one from round top in Texas.
The toothbrush holder is from France and hand carried back in my purse on the plane.
I spent a month traveling in the south of France and bought so many wonderful things it felt like Christmas when I got back to the states and started receiving all of the shipment. I have chamber pots, plates, pitchers of all sizes, soup tureens and so much more that I will be selling at the Olivenhain Grove Sale. Be sure and save the date. April 30th and May 1st.


Pink Roses

I am getting gitty with excitement about the Olivenhain Grove Sale April 30th and May 1st.
So Many Amazing and Talented vendors will be there selling their antique and vintage one of a kind treasures.
I hope you have told your friends. Here is an adorable pink rose dessert caddie that I will be selling.It has the most beautiful blue rim and pretty pink roses.


White Wednesday in the Garden

I have decided to be bold and make some changes. Lately I have been trying to edit the stuff in the house. Lighten up and only have the things that I really love on the tables, on the walls, in the rooms. My husband thinks I am nuts. I move everything around all the time. Yesterday it was a table in the kitchen. My husband came home from work and just started laughing.It looked like the earthquake had hit again. Furniture and stuff everywhere.Sometimes I just move it all back to the same place but sometimes a new idea really works. I lovelovelove the idea of the bulbs in the birdbath. Now that is fun.Please be sure and visit my friends blog Casualloveselegance you can click on the picture to the left. We are on the countdown to the Olivenhain Grove Sale. Gail is highlighting the fabulous vendors that will be at the event.April 30th and May 1st. Be sure and save the date.


Baby Bunny in the backyard

Just had to show you the baby bunny in the backyard yesterday. The Mommy is to the left and the baby to the right. The baby bunny is so little. I am grateful the bunnies are staying away from the greenhouse garden. I will let them eat all the grass they want.


Greenhouse Garden Surprise

I woke up early this morning and before Church decided to go and water the greenhouse garden. It almost felt like it might rain but I knew better. So off I went in my pajamas. It was so pretty out. The birds were just starting to twirp and as I walked up to the garden I spotted a few little surprises. Baby Cantaloupe. Yah !!!!!
I am so excited. Gratefully the bunnies have not found them and it looks like they are happy in their flower bed.What a wonderful treat. My son took these pictures for me.I am grateful for all of Gods Blessings especially the little surprises.


Olivenhain Grove Sale

It is so exciting to see all the blossoms on the lemon trees. The smell is intoxicating. So crisp and clean. The talented vendors who will be selling their one of a kind and handmade treasures at the Olivenhain Grove Sale are getting ready for this exciting event and so is nature with these beautiful fragrant blossoms for all to enjoy.