Greenhouse Garden Surprise

I woke up early this morning and before Church decided to go and water the greenhouse garden. It almost felt like it might rain but I knew better. So off I went in my pajamas. It was so pretty out. The birds were just starting to twirp and as I walked up to the garden I spotted a few little surprises. Baby Cantaloupe. Yah !!!!!
I am so excited. Gratefully the bunnies have not found them and it looks like they are happy in their flower bed.What a wonderful treat. My son took these pictures for me.I am grateful for all of Gods Blessings especially the little surprises.


  1. Pam, I hope you you had a GLORIOUS day celebrating the resurection of Christ... How's about that EARTHQUAKE?? It was soooo LONG... Have a great monday.

    Blssings & Smiles,


  2. Hi Sweet Sheila,
    WOW The earthquake really jolted us. Did you know that there was a earthquake on resurection Sunday?


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