Wooden Spoons

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
These Wooden spoons are special to our family
Each one tells a different story
all three are 

The spoon on the right is brand new 
It is made for cooking pasta and was a gift from our son
 for hosting pasta night for his Varsity baseball team
this year

The spoon in the middle was bought for our 15th wedding anniversary
it is ten years old
Did you know the best way to clean wooden spoons is with hot water and lemon 
The Spoon  on the left was given to us on our
5th  Anniversary
{wooden gifts are the traditional gift for 5 years}
we have used it for the past 20 years
that it has curved and bent with time
We reach for these spoons everyday when cooking our meals
They hold such wonderful memories of fun family dinners
of laughter, joy ,celebration, gratitude
and most of all togetherness

They are true family treasures
everything taste better when cooked with 
and the family wooden spoons
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romantic saying for today
"Let us always meet each other with a smile
 for a smile is the beginning of Love"
Mother Teresa



  1. WOW your wooden spoons are in much nicer shape than our own - they're so stained it isn't even funny.

    NEAT post.

  2. I LOVE THIS. I'm sure that your children will one day say that everything tastes better when stirred with those spoons. That's the way I feel about cooking with my mom's cookware-the flavor is still there.

  3. Pam, your wooden spoons make me smile. There is truly something special about wooden utensils. I love the patina that age gives to these pieces. This is a great post! ~ sarah
    PS The sweet peas below are gorgeous!

  4. Hi Pam, Was sipping choc mint oolong tea early this am and found your post and just had to stop and take a moment to comment. I love this post because it contains two beautiful elements that I cherish in my life, simplicity and love. What is there about wooden utensils? The warmth of the wood is part, I believe compared to plastic or metal. I love your spoons history. I wish this post could be in a National magazine. Stunning in composure and gets right to the heart of what every home needs. Also I live your romantic verse every day. Thank you for starting my day off so beautifully.

  5. What a beautiful comparison of time...and beauty in living and being used over and over and over...with the hope of the brand new each day!

  6. I have my Grandmother's wooden spoon~stained and warped, still boasting of her last name written by her hand on a piece of heavy tape. I love the the history and feeling of family in these small details we have in our homes!

  7. and they make it so your pots dont boil over! a blessing for us "non chefs" haaha
    xoxo mamacita!

  8. Great collection.So special that they all have memoiries too.

  9. I love your spoons and the stories!
    We have a funny wooden spoon story:
    My youngest son liked to play with the wooden spoons when he was a toddler. We were visiting my Mom and she gave him her spoon to play with. He had several new teeth and bit a chunk out of the side of her spoon! She used it until the day she died, and he then inherited "THE" spoon. Between those times, when he married, she gave them a set of......you guessed it.....wooden spoons for a wedding gift! :^)


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