Timeless treasure

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
 Blooming bulbs are a part of the promise of Spring
 simple and beautiful especially
 in this vintage white ironstone
child's chamber pot

Many of you have asked me if we use our 
*White Ironstone*
 and the answer is yes
to decorate with and use our White Ironstone all through out the house
White Ironstone is the ultimate blank slate timeless treasure
 The perfect starting point that works well with any color flower or wall color 
and even with every decor
 I am always on the look out for another piece to add to the collection
At the Irvine Flea Market this past Sunday I found a real treasure

This beautiful vintage chamber pot 
It is such a wonderful shape and size
 and take a peek at the fabulous wooden handle

I was thrilled to find this piece for $8 dollars
originally priced $10
Oh My!
{ I always ask if that is the best price they can do}
even though inside I was giddy as could be that it was priced at only $10 dollars

A great addition to our 
White Ironstone Collection
 Just a tiny part of the collection
that fills our

If you have a collection of White Ironstone
big or small
 please let me know
I would {Love} to have you guest post and show everyone your collection here at
White Ironstone Cottage
linking for White Wednesday

romantic saying for today
"Anyone can catch your eye
 but it takes a someone special to catch your heart"



  1. Oh I just love love love your collections and your blog and your prettiness all around you!

    Just gorgeous!!!

  2. I have quite a few wonderful pieces and you are a real inspiration

  3. I love ironstone...all shapes and sizes. Beautiful pieces in the photos!

  4. Beautiful!!! Grouping your collection of ironstone together looks amazing...Inviting you to stop by my world if you haven't already!!! Blessings Lori

  5. What a find the new ironstone was! I love the wooden handle, too. I am always looking for the white ironstone when I am out shopping (junkin'!) but I only have one true piece so far. Love your beautiful photos!


  6. That is such an unusual find, Pam! And for so cheap!!!! It's just beautiful - especially with those hydgrangeas in it! I love to collect ironstone. In fact I recently purchased a couple soup tureens of Etsy because I just "needed" them. lol! Ironstone has the ability to be a "stand alone" type of home decor. You don't even have to put anything in them and they still look gorgeous! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Oh I love that handle. I've not seen one like that before Pam. Thanks for sharing. One of these days, I'll share my collection. I love how versatile ironstone is-it can go with more modern decor and, of course, looks wonderful in a vintage setting.

    Have a great week,

  8. I have some white ironstone and we actually eat every meal on old white ironstone oval diner plates, vintage ones, and I do mean DINER plates! They cannot go in the microwave, but the fit in my narrow upper cabinets that would not hold my old large over-sizes plates that we used before the kitchen makeover!!!

    I would link up to a white ironstone party!
    Count me in!

  9. You have a beautiful collection, Pam! I just collect white pieces because I love how they look. I set up a kitchen cabinet with a glass door in our kitchen to hold all my white pieces in our new place. In my old house, I had them spread throughout the house, but I really love them all together.

  10. I do have a collection of white ironstone, didn't get it out yet, however you have inspired me to unpack it,
    Beautiful arrangements! would love to share with you, let me know when, thanks

  11. What a find! so fun isn't it? I have never been to that flea.


  12. Your collection of ironstone is outstanding. Love it.

  13. Wow! I love your collection! What a great find and the price...so lucky!! :) I have just started collecting in the past couple of years but don't have much. I love all my pieces though. It is so fun to search for it. I have looked some of mine up to see when it was made. It's really interesting to read about and I just can't believe there are such old pieces still left. :)

  14. Wow! You have a beautiful collection! Ironstone is my very favorite thing ever...I love to use my pieces for everything around my home. No sense in having beautiful things and not use them. I would have jumped out of my shoes when I saw that $10 price tag!

    and can I tell you how much I love your wooden spoons. I was going to do a post on my collection. My husband thinks it's crazy that I'm so in love with spoons! :) Some of them are so beautiful though, aren't they?!

    Happy early spring! xo

  15. You have an amazing collection.What a wonderful find you just bought.I have NEVER seen one with a handle.I too have a collection.Not as large as yours.I have only been collecting for a year.But I just love ironstone.I too use mine.

  16. You already know how much I love white ironstone. My love began with an English bowl and pitcher which belonged to my great-grandmother. I never knew her, but I loved this set since I was a young child. It always lived on my grandmother's dining room sideboard. Next it went to my mother's dining room table. And, now it lives in my dining room.

    Thanks for sharing, Pam.♥

  17. Beautiful!
    ... your collection is fabulous :)

    Greetings from Australia♥


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