♥PaperWhite Bulbs♥

*Paper White Blossoms*

Because of the Weather here in Southern California, it was 90 degrees yesterday,
my paperwhite bulbs are blooming really early
They are beautiful blossoms
It always feels like the holiday season with the amazing smell of paper whites.

It is so fun to plant the bulbs and watch everyday as the blossoms
start to appear and the flowers begin to emerge.
Then the glorious fragrance that engulfs the entire home
with natures beautiful perfume

I always try to have at least one or two vases filled with bulbs at
different blooming stages by the front door
so when guests walk in the first thing they see and smell are
the glorious paperwhites.

This year the beauty has begun early
paper white bulbs are so easy to grow
to force them inside...

all you just need is
a vase about 3 to 4 inches tall
3 to 4 bulbs for each vase
stones or pebbles(you can use sand too)
fill the vase halfway with the pebbles

tuck in the bulbs pointy side up

cover with more marbles or pebbles (small stones)

add water to the base of the bulb

keep in a shady spot until the roots start to appear then

move to a sunny spot when the bulb starts to sprout
It is so fun
and such a wonderful way to bring the outside indoors
The planted paperwhites make great gifts for the holidays
so I am planting a few extra for friends.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend



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  1. I love paper whites! Their smell is heavenly. I like the little container you used...that's the fun part! They make nice little gifts, too.

    I wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying your posts! :-)



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