Lately I have had
Boxwood Fever
Here are the symptoms in case you think you might have it too.
You have this sudden urge to get in the car and drive to HOME DEPOT.
You grab a cart and fill it to the brim with boxwood plants
You drive home and begin planting boxwood and then
You have a sudden urge to get in the car and the cycle repeats itself.
Sound familiar?
Our backyard has a great Boxwood border
that really helps define the patio.
I think this is where I caught the fever

I am in awe of this idea.


Boxwood Fever is highly contagious

This is our front yard birdbath with
surrounding the base.

Oh My...
This would look so cute in the side yard.. There are so many different ways to trim
I really like the rounded edges.

Here is the wreath I have on my inspiration board for Christmas.
I better get in the car and drive to.. well you know the rest.
I wonder if there is a cure?

Hope you are having a wonderful morning



  1. I love the boxwood around your birdbath and it looks wonderful by your pool {lucky girl!}. We went crazy with boxwood at our lakehouse a few years ago, making hedges. I love it, too. The leaves are so bright and glossy and they can be trimmed in so many ways!! Love your inspiration pictures, Pam!


  2. hahha mommy...this reminds me of the sand (aka beach) around the jacuzzi and how we went to home depot 50 times and got a ton of bags each time haha!!!

    love love love it!
    and you :)

  3. You were my partner in crime carrying those 25 pound bags of sand (where are the boys when we need them?)but it turned out great well worth the work !!!!!
    Love you more sweetie
    Hugs and Kissess


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