Love Story

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Being a hopeless romantic 
 and a bit  nosey curious 
 to learn how 
 couples met
and fell in

My parents met at Church  she was 19 and he was 26
My Mom was actually engaged to another man but he was away at college
My Dad had a car  and offered to drive my Mom to Church
she had to take two different street cars to get there
 this went on for about six months
 my Dad even went on a few dates with my mom and her fiance to
 "take pictures of them"
one night my Dad drove my Mom home after Church
 and he walked her to her front door as usual
 but instead of saying goodbye
 he kissed her
My Mom said she was so surprised but it was a really great kiss
 the very next day
she broke up with her fiance
 my parents got married a year later

I met my handsome husband at work
 I had just started a new job at a cosmetic counter for Estee Lauder
 my husband and his friend came in to the department store
I remember he walked by a few times and then went
 and jumped on some exercise equipment that was for display only
 there were even signs and ropes !!!
My new boss of 3 weeks asked me to please go and get those guys
off of the exercise equipment
 I went marching over with everyone watching
 and said ever so sweetly
"Can't you guys read"
this equipment is for display only
 my  handsome husband said
 how else was I going to get you over here to say Hi

great line.....
but he did get off the bike

the best part of this story is
I was hired for another job
 I received a call telling me they had over hired
 I did not get the job after all
 I was so disappointed
 I had already given notice at my current job
this all seemed so unfair but God had a great plan
a friend told me her sister was thinking about applying for a job at a department store
and I should go and apply too
so I did and we both got a job at the store
 I met my handsome husband 3 weeks later

A Dear friend of mine met her husband when
 she was in College she
 went to a halloween party dressed as a lobster on a dare
 when she got back to her dorm room she realized she had lost her key to her room
and started knocking on doors for help
no one answered on her floor so
she had to go downstairs
finally a door opened
and a boy answered  he was visiting his sister He said
she could stay with them until her roomate returned
they started talking
imagine she is still in her lobster costume
They were up until dawn talking and laughing
forgetting all about the time that night
and the sister also in the room
 they began dating and got married that same year
they even served lobster at their wedding

My Great Grandfather met my Great grandmother
when he was traveling across the country
headed  west
he stopped at a farm for some food and water
my Great grandmother had 3 sisters she was the oldest
all the girls were excited to have a young stranger at the dinner table
My Great grandfather said he took one look and fell in love with my Great grandmother
he stayed two days and on the third day they eloped
 she came west with him
they were married 64 years until his death
The plate in these pictures was my Great grandmothers
the one thing she took with her

I would
 to know  how you met each other

romantic saying for today

"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"



  1. What sweet love stories. Your grandma's plate is gorgeous and so are your photos!

    1. Thank you so much
      It is a family treasure that we all adore thanks for the visit

  2. Hi, I loved reading your love stories. It's funny how things happen really. I knew my husband since we were children. Our families were friends, our parents meeting when they emigrated from Malta to Australia. I was 1, my husband not even born yet. 12 yrs later, when I was 13 my family went back to live in Malta for 12 yrs. My husbands family stayed in Australia. When we returned I was single and my husband was married but we really had not met since we were kids. Fast forward 4 yrs my husband got divorced and started hanging out with my 3 brothers .. 1 yr later we were married and have been for 25 yrs. happy valentine's.. Maryann

    1. Maryann I LOVE your romantic story
      God had such a great plan
      Thank you so much for sharing and we are alike we have been married 25 years too
      heres to many more for us both

  3. You are always an inspiration! I am now officially following you and I look forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks Camille
      You are so sweet
      Grateful to have you following
      I am off to follow you too

  4. I love your love stories!

    I posted some good romantic news today! I will share theirs:

    My daughter used to go to this drive thru about 10 years ago all the time and had a secret crush on a guy who worked there. Just before she moved from here in Ohio to SoCal she went to the drive thru one last time and when that guy came up all smiles she said "Hey! Guess what, I am moving to Cali next week!" WELL......the California Dream didn't work out - too expensive, too liberal for her, and a horrible devastating break up brought her back home many years later.......fast forward.......she was visiting me here and went thru that same drive through and the same fella came up to her car - now the owner - and said 'CALI!!!!" She said "You remember me?" And he said "Of course, I told everyone that if I ever saw you again I was going to ask you out! How long are you visiting?" She replied "I just moved back." Well a year later now, and yesterday - on his birthday - he asked her to marry him. Love that story.

    1. Michele this is such a fabulous romantic story
      so love that they had spotted each other but the timing wasn't quite right so interesting how Gods timing is always perfect
      Cant wait to follow along and watch all the fun of the wedding planning etc

  5. I enjoyed reading how couples met...my husband and I of 34 years met on a blind date. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm so blessed! ♥

    1. Sue
      How fun to see how God gets us together
      even with a blind date
      Love that you shared your story Thank you

  6. I always love hearing how people met. My husband and I were fixed up by our freinds. We were both divorced and they thought we would make a nice couple. First time I saw him, all I saw were EARS as he has large ears...LOL. I was like "no way" am I going out with this guy. We went on a double date as I couldn't hurt his feelings right then and there. As we talked throughout the night, I was impressed with his conversation and how he talked of his family and his grandmother. He caught my eye so we went on a date alone. We were married 2 years later and with our combined families, we have 5 kids between us. We now have 8 grandkids and I can't imagine being with anyone else. I don't even notice his ears anymore.... LOL...

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

    1. Oh Lisa
      I loved reading your story it is so funny and special
      I always say that Love is blind and when we love someone they are perfect for we see them
      through the eyes of love
      Thank you so much for sharing your story

  7. My parents met at a hospital during WWII. She was a lab technician he was a soldier ("lackey") assigned to do her bidding. They started dating but he was posted overseas. She waited for him and thankfully he returned in one piece, bringing with him a gift from France--the world's ugliest scarf! Come to find out he was color blind. They got married and were together for 42 years until my mom passed away.

    1. Jude
      it doesn't get more romantic than that to be together for that long is real romance
      Thanks for sharing

  8. Happy day to u too!!! Beautiful photos!xo

  9. Love this post and photos!!! I grew up right up the street from Mr OP, I told my Mum when I was 12 that was going to marry him. He was 16 and I thought he was soo dreamy. He was much older and then went into the air force, when he came home on leave I was in 11th grade and asked him to the mall. He took me and the rest is history - we'll be married 29 years this year.


    1. Leann this is such a romantic story we both married older men :)
      you knew he was the one and he still is after all these years
      Thanks so much for sharing your love story

  10. Piękna historia i piękne zdjęcia . xoxoxox Elżbieta



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