Coronado remodel update

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
Here is the brand new
 front dutch door and side lights
 for the Coronado house
It is so cute !!!
I can't wait for it to be painted
 anyone want to guess what color it will be

This is what the front door
 looked like before....
We eliminated the very outdated stone from the side walls
 and raised the roof line  this opened up the space
adding air and light to the front entry way
really makes the entrance much more welcoming

I have received so many emails
about the tile floors
they look so much like wood that they have fooled everyone who has seen them
The color is Cambridge Oak- Brown made by Ragno
We are so happy with the way they look and feel
best part is with sandy feet and puppies as well as pool chlorine etc
 the upkeep will be much easier than real wood floors
The tile comes in different colors
we even decided to put the white washed wood tile in the upstairs bedroom
We had a major set back on the remodel 
we had to remove the roof
which should have been done at the start of the remodel
 and then just as if it was in a movie
 it rained 
so right now we are praying that we can get the new roof on before 
it rains again this weekend
We have a huge tarp placed over the house like a big circus tent

 We are in the midst of a very bad drought here in Southern California
 so we are grateful for the rain
its just the timing is a little inconvenient
this has also set us back a few weeks or more so
we will not meet the February move in date
The good news is
there is more time to shop for furniture which is so much fun
grateful for the extra time and grateful for the rain too
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romantic saying for today

"Who so loves believes the impossible"



  1. I just realized from your last words that you are probably doing this house for you. For some reason, I thought you were redoing it for a client.

    I love Del Mar, but I love Coronado more - how fun to have a cute Coronado cottage.

    1. yes you are right it is for us my husband grew up in Coronado
      and our first house was there it was 900 square feet of adorable
      we always wished we could have kept it but this house is a much better location
      I am designing a home on the bay in Point Loma as we speak it is so much fun
      I am hopeful they will let me share pics soon

  2. Love watching this, Pam, and I love your taste! :)

    1. Thanks Lori it is so much fun designing this home
      we are so Blessed and grateful hope you are doing well

  3. Hi Pam!!!

    I love your new door!!! It's beautiful!!! Love the color you've chosen too!!!

    Sorry to hear about the rain while you're under construction, but, I know you really need the rain. Have fun furniture shopping!!!
    I know, I know....Shopping is torture for women!!! LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!


    1. Hi Pam
      OK you got me Thanks for the
      encouragement you made me laugh out loud !!!

  4. Oh my gosh.....it's all looking so beautiful! Your new entry IS more welcoming - and that floor?? Amazing!!!! I've never seen tile look so much like wood, Pam! Can hardly wait for the big reveal!!!

    xoxo laurie

    1. Thanks Laurie
      Its like having a baby you want everything to hurry up and be done already LOL
      but at the same time enjoy every moment
      one step at a time is what I keep telling myself as I try to hurry it all along
      Thanks for the words of encouragement


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