Backyard Patio Design

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Do you like vintage brick like I do
 brick adds such a classic  old world charm 
When we designed our backyard patio we incorporated
used brick as well as stone and cement  all these elements
 give the appearance the patio has been
  added onto from generation to generation

Don't be afraid to mix elements
 you are not limited  


When we decided to add a backyard patio 
it was fun
to explore the possibilities
the built in BBQ is stone with brick
 and even has a cement counter top

It has a wonderful patina and is so simple to clean 
 you can just spray it down with a hose

The brick patio off of our living room is where we enjoy dining alfresco

Adding the brick patio was really like adding another room to our home
 we enjoy being outside all year round

The great part about being able to create your own design 
is adding your own ideas 
that make you happy
Being able to enhance the way you live 
and making every space beautiful

romantic saying for today

"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. 
For Love is the beauty of the soul"
St Augustine



  1. love the patio and the chandelier above the table for dining alfresco !!! xox

    1. Thanks so much Anjie
      always grateful to hear from you

  2. When am I coming over??
    Beautiful Pam.

    1. When can you come busy Lady
      the door is always open any time in March after the Vintage Market sale????
      let me know what would work for you
      I am bringing my camera to shoot all the beauty for the sale so excited

  3. I absolutely love this post and is just what I needed to my porch this summer. I was also inspired by the gorgeous white roses and previous photos of pink on white. It's off to paint I go. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! -Carolina Elizabeth

    1. Hi Carolina
      Thank you for visiting would Love to see what you do with your patio design
      have fun painting Ia m off to visit you

  4. Very pretty, Pam! As pretty as your home inside! I really love the white columns. We haveshort brick walls surrounding our patio and small expanses of lawn at the lake. I think it adds a little elegance. I'm dying to plant a little ivy but hubby went on a rant about the brick eventually crumbling. Hmmm...our house is doing fine! :)


    1. LOL you always make me giggle
      handsome husband and I
      compromised on the design he loves stone I love brick
      so we are both happy
      but I did sneak a little more brick here and there :)
      you are sworn to secrecy now!!!!

  5. Inspiring beauty Pam,
    I was redingote à post in 2011 where you painted your bedroom floors white on you cement concrete floors. I have pulled up the carpet in a room and found the glue to still be tacky scraped, sanded cleaned, and would love to paint my room like you did. I can see the glue markings and the over spray of the paint from when the home was built and they sprayed the walls white.
    I patched the tack strip holes and sanded them down, there is some pits where the patch was not filling in as well, but this does not bother me. When I prime the floors and then paint will the paint coverage hide the faded lines where the carpets were glued down.

    How do you like your floors, are they holding up, and do they feel comfortable to walk on, I am sure it feels better then ceramic tile for ceramitic are colder then the natural mineral of cement.

    Would love to here back on your floors, I am going to go to your older postings to see what more I can see with your beautiful room.
    I plan to use Bher paints at Home Depot with here concrete sealer first.
    The color I like is like old hand tossed pottery like the plates I have listed on my post.
    The paint color is called white cloud... Not quite white, but not quite off white.
    I think it will add to the white room with warmth. All things rustic French :)

    Thank you Pam for sharing your beauty.

    1. Hi Dore
      We love our bedroom floor but we definitely have embraced the imperfections
      we did acid wash the floor and then painted kilz on several areas that stood out
      then painted with white cement paint
      It is wearing well there are a few areas where the paint has flaked but underneath is gray
      and it looks vintage fabulous
      and photographs very well
      It has been comfy on our feet but we live in sunny California
      not sure I would recommend it for colder climates
      we also have a large area rug under our bed
      Good Luck on your project
      can't wait to see how it turns out!!!


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