Vintage Sterling

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
These gorgeous sterling silver spoons 
are so elegant and charming
 just look at the detailed
 filigree and flowered rosebuds 

They are even engraved 
which makes any treasure even more special

These silver spoons are so delicate and feminine
 they add a touch of beauty and old world charm
 to any table

When we found these darling sterling silver spoons
 at a garage sale the young girl said they were
in her family for generations
I asked her several times if she was sure she wanted to part with them
she said she never used them and she could not remember
 the last time someone in the family
 had even looked at them
she said she was ready to let them go

You all know that in our house we use everything
 all the time, if not
 it is let go to make room for new vintage treasures we will use
 and so someone else can enjoy them

 These beautiful vintage spoons have
 already become part of our everyday life
 we use them in the morning to stir the cream in our coffee
and even for dessert 
They are too beautiful to be hidden away and not used everyday
So grateful they are now a useful
 cherished treasure in our home

romantic saying for today

"The language of Love is filled with kindness"



  1. Oh Pam what a treasure you have found there!

    What a sorry shame she wasn't using them - but many people don't hand wash china and silver pieces - so why bother keeping I guess.

    I ADORE them and, like you, love to use my things. BUT I don't for everyday.....I just host a lot of tea parties and THEN use them....because I too love a dishwasher, haha.

    Have a GREAT weekend.

  2. What beautiful spoons. I would be using them all the time, especially in the morning with my coffee.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I am a firm believer in using what you have. My mother packed everything away for a "special" occasion and unfortunately the day never came. She passed away with so many lovely things in boxes.

    Enjoy your beautiful spoons.

  4. Love the white and silver together. Well, love white and anything:)

  5. These are so beautiful. I'm definitely a believer in only holding on to the vintage treasures that you truly love and use. They are far too beautiful to be stored away somewhere out of sight!

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