White Ironstone

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
This vintage white ironstone pitcher 
has a funny history
It was found in France at the
Porte des Vanves 
flea market
Of coarse the fun part was my limited French
 and the sellers limited English
 this made for the most hilarious

 It basically ended up being mostly
 smiles and pointing
and in the end this 
 vintage white ironstone treasure
had found a new home

Armed with 2 years of French in High school
I was confident we were 
going to be
fine negotiating at the Paris Flea markets

When I heard the price
of 4o of coarse I thought U.S. dollars
 and I said sold
 but she meant in euros
 which turned out to be
$75 U.S. dollars
definitely still worth the price though

So Grateful for this beautiful addition to our 
 vintage white ironstone collection
 and for the universal  language
of a smile
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romantic saying for today

"Love knows nothing of order"



  1. Oh, my....you didn't get the best exchange rate, but that's OK! Your piece is lovely!

  2. It's lovely, no matter the cost!

  3. As long as it brings you joy each time you look at it, that's really what counts in the end, mais, oui?

  4. Yeah think if I'd had the green I'd have gone for it also. Love the shape, etc. of the piece. Very nice, good find. Our daughter still remembers some of her high school french. When I make Frenchy stuff she laffs at me.

  5. Beautiful, and worth every penny.


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