Must Love Pink

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
You all know I 
all things vintage and the color pink
the ad above for Kohler bathrooms is from 1958 
just look at the pretty pink sink and bathtub

 Here is that same bathtub today
 55 years later 
not only is there a pink bath tub in this house
 there are pink 4x4 tiles on the walls
 and  on the floor

There is a pink shower 

Check out the light
 inside the shower , notice the grab bars in stainless steel and white
 the gold gilded towel bars and soap holder inside the shower

And yes there is even
 a pink sink and vanity too 
The original plan was to try and save the vintage sink and tub in this home
but  plumbing problems meant the floor and all of the tile has to be removed

When this home was built in 1958
 this pink bathroom was the very height of  glamour and style

So excited to share with you just a glimpse of the before pictures of
this Coronado Beach house 
The entire home is being remodeled and
this pink bathroom is going to be redone
from floor to ceiling 
 you can come along to see the transformation as we go from this to something like this... 

Here is the inspiration pic
 for the new bathroom
the tub enclosure with Carrera marble tile and the 
vintage inspired hand held bathtub faucet/handle
if you would like to see more inspiration pic's 
for this Beach house remodel 
to follow along  

 Would you keep the pink in this bathroom?
let me know
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  1. I remember having a bathroom fit with pink tub, toilet and sink when I was a kid. Colored fixtures were the thing. Then when Steve and I married in 1976, we purchased our first home, a mobile home, with a harvest gold tub, toilet and sink. I like white fixtures, but those colors were the modern day look, and very special in their day :)

  2. it needs some white!! love the inspiration pic

  3. That almost looks like our bathroom except we have green and beige tiles and no shower. Our house was also built in 58.

  4. I came across an all blue bathroom showing clients a house for sale but haven't see a pink one till now. I think you are smart in updating it and will love your new bathroom! If you miss the pink...put a few pink peonies in a vase. That will help!

  5. As much as I love it and it is fun to look at I would probably remodel it and,if I wanted pink, would do it in accessories. We had a bathroom that was all lavender! xo Diana

  6. Pink overload. I love your inspiration picture, in fact I want to show my husband. I would love to change out the curtain for glass doors. Have fun. Alaina

  7. I would want to keep either the pink tub/sink OR the pink tile, but not both, because the pink of the tile and the pink of the tub don't seem to me to be happy together. The tub is more of a subdued rose, and the pink tile is screaming PINK. I love screaming PINK so I'd probably want to save the tile and do white tub and sink to go with. That gold gilding has got to go, though.....

  8. I'd embrace the vintage but that me - I also love your inspiration pic. Good Luck with redo! Looking forward to see pics as project progresses. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Love the pinkness for being vintage it was beautiful!
    I love the the new look as well.
    Beauty now and then!!


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