Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday

The birdbath in our front yard
 is surrounded by boxwood and lacy white alyssum
 We placed the birdbath right
in front of the big window seat in our kitchen so that
 we can watch the birds
stop to get a drink or take a bath

This vintage white cement bird sits
 in the middle of the birdbath
and the birds seem to
appreciate the company

Our French enamelware thermometer
 says 75 degrees this morning
 it will be a
 beautiful summer day

The front door is  already wide open
 it is days like today when we are grateful for our vintage screen door
providing a slight breeze

The birdbath gets filled with fresh water 
every morning
 the birds wait patiently 

Grateful for another
 beautiful summer day

romantic saying for today

"All my days are filled with loving you"



  1. Oh Pam so pretty. I love your birdbath. Wow only in the 70's what beautiful weather. It is hot and humid here would love to see a day in the 70's. Enjoy that beautiful summer day.

  2. PAM- It looks like a perfect summer day all the way around at your house. It is humid here but our heat has broken- finally. Hope your birds enjoy a nice cool bath at your house today-it makes a great "show" watching them- xo Diana

  3. Pam I LOVE your chippy shabby awesome birdbath!

    And boxwoods make everything prettier, yes?

  4. Hi Pam!!!

    I love when people remember the little birds and their need for fresh water for bathing, drinking and to cool off. Watching them is so funny!!

    This year I've really enjoyed for the 1st time hummingbirds. They are my favorite bird, but, every time I tried with a feeder they never came around. I have two that feed off my feeder now and it's such a joy to me!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week Pam


  5. I love your birdbath. We have one in the back yard and the birds have really been using it with the weather so hot.

  6. Love the chippy birdbath. I'm looking for one. Hope I can make mine look like this!

  7. Saw a garden show once that recommended placing your birdbath close to your house...easy to keep it cleaned and filled and easy to enjoy the feathered visitors. I placed mine in a flowerbed just outside my bedroom window. I love waking up to the sound of birds splashing in it!

  8. Beautiful day... beautiful birdbath! I bet you have the happiest birds in town. What a lovely place to bathe!

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