White Hydrangeas and a winner

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

 White hydrangeas are beautiful
the white petals are almost translucent
We have been trying to grow
white hydrangeas in our garden for years
 but they keep turning
pink, purple ,blue and even green

So now we are going to try growing these beautiful white
hydrangeas indoors
They seem to be doing great and
add so much beauty to the room
Do you have any tips for growing hydrangeas indoors

I am so excited to announce that
the winner of the Romantic Country magazine is
Michele from
The Nest at Finch Rest

Thank You all for commenting
 and for all of your kind comments 
I am so very grateful for all of your support

romantic saying for today

"You are the sugar in my tea 
next to you is where I always want to be"



  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

    Thank you so much! I am sooooooooo excited!

    Sorry it took me a while to respond - my hardrive crashed and I am having to redo EVERYTHING and it takes FOREVER!

    Whoo hoo- you just made my DAY!!!!!

  2. Hi Pam!!!

    All my husband kept hearing this spring was 'Hydrangeas'...I love them next to my #1 love, Lilacs!!

    We bought a bush that had three vibrant colors and put it on the table outside on the deck.
    The colors were just amazing and the leaves and flowers were really full.

    It's funny, I read 'Who You Are' and we have soooo much in common!!

    I hope they stay white for you!!!!


  3. Evening Pam, I love hydrangeas! I had 5 large Annabelle bushes and they were beautiful but I just sold that house and I miss them! Yours are so lovely! Blessings~~~Roxie


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