Use it or Lose it

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday

"Use it or lose it"
I know you have heard
 this saying before
but in our house it doesn't just mean
 what you may think

In our home it means being able to use things more than one place
 moving them
all around
from room to room
  using things in different ways
even moving them from
inside to outside
These wire baskets are a great example

I bought this metal basket years ago we
 had it inside sitting on our mantel with flowers
Then I found another one that was about the same size
but not identical
which I really
it's not matchy matchy!!!

This lead to a pretty new idea and outside they went to
hold seasonal flowers
by our front door

It is so fun to be able to change up the flowers too
 right now we have white begonias
 plopped in tin pots

I added the burlap to the bottom of the wire baskets and the birds
in our yard
to come and peck at it to get a little piece for their nests

Can you spot our puppies little black pug tail in this pic

So the
"use it or lose it idea"
really is simple if you are not using something in your
 try using it in a new and different way
 maybe even outside
and if not
Lose it

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romantic saying for today

"Union gives strength"



  1. I am a use it or loose it kinda girl as well. Same way... inside outside, back again. :-) Then when I tire of it, or change my flair, out it goes for someone else to use and enjoy.
    Pretty wire baskets .
    Hugs, Gee

  2. This is such a cute arrangement! Putting things in another spot really gives it a whole new life!


  3. Pretty! You could also use them in the house with books or plates in them.

  4. Love the way you are using these, and I love white begonias.

  5. I love that you do that . . . me, too.
    I just saved a little box that I used in my studio to hold tools.
    I decided on using something else, and was going to garage sale the box . . . then the idea came.
    I turns it into a music stand and storage and I love it.
    So glad I didn't put it in the garage sale stuff :)
    It's good to reuse things . . . sometime a little paint or just moving it to another space can made a huge difference.
    After all you loved it when you purchased it, and you still love it, right:)
    Have a lovely week,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Very pretty addition, like the flowers.



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