Romantic Treasure

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Have you ever found something
and just absolutely knew
 without  a doubt
 you HAD to have it
could not wait to get it home
 and could not believe how lucky you were that it was yours
and on top of that it was a bargain too

Something so beautiful 
a romantic treasure 
I have yearned for one of these large white shells for so long
you see we
 to walk on the beach
looking for shells holding hands together
toes in the sand

We have a large
collection of  found shells

All through out 
our home

 We found this amazing sand dollar
recently at the beach here in Del Mar
while watching the sunset

A few of these shells were collected
 on our very first date
 we went to the beach and watched the sunset
 {hand and hand}
and then went to dinner
It is still one of our most  favorite romantic date nights

 Yesterday this  
 beautiful white shell was sitting on a shelf
price tag 7.99

 Thank You  who ever donated
 this beauty to the Goodwill

so grateful 
One persons junk really is another persons treasure !!!
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romantic saying for today

"One Love, one Heart, one Destiny"



  1. LOVE the big shell. such a great find!!

  2. We live on the beach and like you we also have shells (found, not purchased) all over the house. But, I have always wanted a big one like you found. Lucky you!

  3. We live at the beach, but we don't have the sand dollars. I would love one of those.
    There's just something so special both walks on the beach.... they are one of our favourite past times too.

  4. Pam ~ I just love your new clam shell with the flowers in it! Besides the treasures found with a loved one, GW certainly comes in a good second! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. You did that sea shell proud with the gorgeous flowers. One like you got are hard to find. Bless whomever got rid of it, was meant for you. Hope you're having great holiday weather there in DelMar. I miss CA on weekends like this. Miss the beach. Have a great weekend

  6. Of course I love it. We have memory shells, too. Yours look so pretty dressed in pink blooms.


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