April Showers

 Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
It was suppose to be
 a cold rainy day here
 We did have a light sun shower including a rainbow this morning
 now the sun is out in full force
 the plants were happy for the little bit of rain
You know what they say April Showers bring May flowers

I have a big important confession to make and this may come as   
a shocker 

I am not a big fan of
 the color orange 
There I said it......

So when these bright orange Poppies
 showed up in our garden
they took us all by surprise
Everyone in the family kept asking me if I had really planted them
{they know me so well}

No these orange poppies showed up all on their own
 we dug the poppies up to plant
 somewhere else before they could to spread all over the yard

Well you  all know what happened
a few days later there were more orange poppies
 in the exact place we had dug them up

The orange poppies have won
They are now all over the yard and
even though I am not a big fan of the color
the poppies
are  slowly growing on me
a little bit more every day.....

 They sure do look pretty in this galvanized garden watering can
beside these pretty Easter tulips

What about you
 are you a fan of the color orange
linking at Mod Mix Monday

romantic saying for today

"I  only want to Love you twice in my lifetime
now and forever more"



  1. Beautiful flower photos. The colors are just beautiful.


  2. That is funny! I thought I was the only person who would admit a dislike for the color orange. I've hated it since I was about 12 or 13 years old. However, I have always loved orange flowers and food.

  3. those look like California Poppies, which I think is the state flower still. They are lovely, as is your whole outdoors.

  4. LOL- Nope-not a big fan of orange flowers at all....but my mother had those orange poppies and they FILLED the whole little garden area she planted them in. Actually, yours are kinda starting to grow on me....xo Dana

  5. Ummm...that would be DIana...NOT Dana....I got a little click happy there-

  6. Your orange poppies look more like a goldish orange which is really pretty. I'm not usually an orange fan but the color is really starting to grow on me. I prefer the more reddish orange and terra cotta inside.
    You've got a good conversation going here about the color orange. Then there was the 70's orange, oh yuk, lol along with avocado appliances. Will be interesting to see how many other people respond to this topic.
    Your flowers are just gorgeous, even the orange poppies.

  7. Nope, not a lover of orange either. But, your poppies are pretty.

  8. I also have a difficult time with the color orange. I think it clashes with some of my other favorite colors. In the right settings it is simply gorgeous as your photo proves!

  9. I love those orange poppies. They are adorable. And the color orange....love it in the fall, a rusty orange, pumpkin orange, fine with me, but outside of fall...not a huge fan. I'm loving everything I see here, I may have to get lost for a while!!


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