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Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
While traveling it was so fun to people watch
 and even more fun to see what people were reading on the airplane 
or while waiting at the airport for their flight
all I can say is
 magazines are still very popular.........
{The pictures of  daisies in this vintage trug have nothing to do with magazines on a plane
 they just looked so much like Spring
 I had to take a few pics to show you}

Almost everyone had a magazine tucked under their arm to read 
 so I decided to do a little research
{a flight delay can cause this type of research}

 I was curious to see how many people had brought a magazine
with them to read on the plane
While at the terminal I did see a few people with Us and Sports Illustrated magazines
 many were holding Martha Stewart, Romantic Homes and
Country living magazines

The research got interesting
 when we boarded the plane for the 2 1/2 hour flight
 I asked the flight attendant to do me a favor
Once we were in flight I had her ask everyone 
 to hold up the magazine they had brought on board to read
{the inflight magazine did not count}
It was fun!!! 
 to every ones surprise there were only 2 passengers out of 175 
who did not bring a magazine on board to read 

I know this was not a scientific research project but it sure was fun and 
everyone on board had a great time looking at each others magazines 
It is wonderful to know 
 that people still like to look at beautiful magazines

I would
 to know what your favorite magazine is
or if you are like me and have more than one favorite... 

romantic saying for today

"Now a soft Kiss and by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss"
John Keats



  1. I love my English Garden magazine best and English Home - also get Victoria, Romantic Homes, Romantic Country, Tea Time and Victorian Homes. I cut them up and keep what I want but I do keep a copy of TEa Time and my early edition Victorias.

  2. Wow. Let me just stop a moment and say that Bernideens' magazines sound amazing, and I am going to check out all the ones I don't already read AT ONCE.
    So, my favorite magazines (in order of favoriteness) are Romantic Country, Romantic Homes, Country Living and Mary Janes Farm. I also cut them up and keep what I like, and recycle the rest (except Romantic Country and Romantic Homes, I save all of those). I also get Better Homes and Gardens, which I like but want to switch to the electronic version because the pictures are brighter on line and usually the only thing I save out of it are the recipes.
    You must be the most fun person to fly with ever!!

  3. What a fun little survey you took on the plane. I really like Romantic Homes and Southern Living. I also like a lot of others but always keep my subscriptions to those two. xo Diana

  4. My favorite magazine is Southern Lady.

  5. I go in spurts. Used to subscribe to several magazines, now I don't subscribe to any because I find I have less and less time to read and enjoy them. But just last week, I picked up 3 magazines at the grocery - Victoria, Flea Market Finds, and Southern Lady. Just in the mood!
    I do buy magazines at airports before boarding a plane.

  6. Hi Pam...I love Romantic Homes, Romantic Country, Country Living and Flea Market Style. I do splurge every few months on Jeanne d'Arc Living too.


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