Vintage Shopping

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
When shopping for vintage treasures
  to keep an eye out for fabulous gift ideas
like this adorable one of a kind
 German baby cup

~Vintage Shopping Tip~
Vintage one of a kind treasures are
One of a kind
so if you find a treasure and {love} it buy it
even if you may not need it at that moment
I am so grateful I did

Our Dear friends daughter is having
 her first baby
 its a girl!!!!!
 When her Mom asked me to help with the baby shower in a few weeks
 I was so honored and thrilled 
I quickly thought of this sweet shabby chic
vintage treasure tucked away for just this  kind of special occasion

 This little vintage baby cup 
 will make a sweet gift

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romantic saying for today

"Two souls with but a single thought"



Vintage Shopping Test #12

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Are you ready for another 
~vintage shopping test~
This one is fun
Here are two pretty silver jewelry boxes
The larger jewelry box
has a darker patina and 
a elegant rose pattern

With green velvet inside
The smaller jewelry box
has a carnation pattern 
 the little feet

The smaller jewelry box 
does not have a lining 
 Both of these jewelry boxes
 have a beautiful design 
 but one of them is a real vintage treasure
One is worth $ 25 dollars and the other is worth $250 dollars
Do you think you know which one is the real vintage treasure?

If you chose the jewelry box with the velvet lining 
are RIGHT  !!!!!!

This jewelry box is a Victorian  beauty
and one of my favorite finds
the other box is adorable too
It is a reproduction

How did you do did you pick right ?
 please let me know how you did
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romantic saying for today

"What comes from the heart goes to the heart"



Fall Mantel

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Our Fall mantel is bursting with 
foliage from our garden
This year the hydrangeas are mellowing
 into the most beautiful muted autumn colors
shades of green and rosy red
with just a hint of pink

Putting the hydangeas in vintage
~white ironstone~
pitchers was an easy choice
The colors really pop against the white of the ironstone

Added white birch
branches and pinecone wreaths from the yard
and a few garden markers
to add some
So Simple and  elegant
The lemons and the hydrangeas
add so much color and smell amazing too

Did you notice what I did NOT use
on our mantel
 I just realized I forgot to use the pumpkins
Can't wait to have a fire in our fireplace
it's so romantic
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romantic saying for today

“You are, and always have been, my dream.”
Nicholas Sparks



Fall Fashion

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
These rubber  boots sit by our front door
 at the ready for anything.....
even flea market shopping 
{yesterday the grocery store too}
They are my fall fashion trend

We garden almost everyday
with over an acre to tend to

Sturdy and made to
 last forever
yesterday these boots got a  real work out
The big tree in our front yard 
has started to lose its leaves

Fall is in the air
the first big pile of leaves were raked and bagged
and this morning
the leaves have carpeted the grass all over again
looks like
its another boot day
Our kitty Latte on the other hand
 is  too exhausted today
she was on duty yesterday
 ready to pounce on every leaf

romantic saying for today

"You were made perfectly to be loved"
Elizabeth Barett Browning



Cinderella Pumpkin

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
This little pumpkin reminds me of 
Cinderellas pumpkin
 that turned into a Coach 

When I first saw this little pumpkin it was tarnished brass 
and not very pretty in fact it was 
so tarnished 
{ we live near the beach and things  get rusty and tarnished quickly}
that our neighbor was going to throw it away

On our early morning walk together she handed it to me
 and said
its so tarnished and awful but would you like it!!!!

It took  me about one second  to say yes 
and then about two more seconds
 for this little ugly pumpkin to get painted white 

I left  the underside  of the top unpainted so you could see the before 
that the leaves were attached with a tiny screw on the top
 I was able to remove the leaves and just paint the pumpkin

It was easy to reattach the leaves
 after the paint dried 

our little Cinderella pumpkin
and our sweet neighbor
It is really true one persons junk is another ones treasure!!!!
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romantic saying for today

"Come live with me and be my Love"



Rusty White Urn

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
our  rusty white urns
The aged patina is beautiful
We bought these two urns about 2 years ago
 and put them both outside by our front door

Handsome Husband bought
 rustoleum rust inhibitor
 to protect them at Home Depot 
 I was very hesitant to use it 
I was afraid it would change the color of the urns like a paint
 and I really like a rusty vintage patina!!!!
so we decided to spray  just one as an experiment

This urn was not sprayed with the rust inhibitor

This urn was sprayed 
and two years later as you can see it really worked

 The best part is
 the spray was clear so it did not change the color of the urn at all 
the spray can be used when the urn gets that perfect white and rust patina
Handsome husband was right!!!
Grateful he sprayed our vintage  white wrought iron tree seat too
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romantic saying for today

"Give all to Love obey thy heart"
Ralph Waldo Emerson



White or Orange Pumpkins?

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
You probably know the answer to that question here at
~White Ironstone Cottage~
I am Not a big fan of the color orange
I Like to add just a little bit for a pop of color as you can see from
 last years  Halloween mantel

Decorating for Halloween is a DIY adventure
   my goal is to not  spend any money  or as little as possible
 just use things we already have around the house
Here is our mantel a few years ago 
not much orange either
This year
I went looking for some fun ideas at Rogers Garden 
look what I found.....

 this look
 all the chandeliers
These white  bottles caught my eye
  with butterfly's and spiders
on them
I quickly thought of all those pellegrino water bottles at home in our recycle bin

A little white spray paint and a sharpie pen  and here is my DIY version
 the hardest part was removing the label  on the bottles
{just soak in hot water}
So Cute
It is fun to recycle and re purpose .
What about you are you decorating with orange or white pumpkins this year?
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romantic saying for today

"You make my heart skip a beat"



Picnic lunch

Hi Everyone 
Happy Saturday
Today I am going to a friends house for a picnic lunch
 everyone is bringing a dish to share 

I grabbed this wooden crate to carry a few essentials
glasses, water, napkins and of coarse flowers 

this little wooden crate
( a self portrait }
  on my way out the door

It is perfect for carrying these 
pretty etched glasses and these....
Pretty pink roses from the garden 
I am bringing
goat cheese and crackers 
with jam
 (thank you Trader Joe's} and
  apples,  grapes and pears

With temperatures in the 100's here
{is it really the middle of September?}
it is unseasonably 
so the menu is simple fare
It is always fun to get together with friends
 and catch up on each others lives

Can't wait to  see everyone and start the 
giggles and laughter
"Friends are the flowers in the garden of life"

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romantic saying for today
"A heart that loves is always young"