Fall Fashion

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
These rubber  boots sit by our front door
 at the ready for anything.....
even flea market shopping 
{yesterday the grocery store too}
They are my fall fashion trend

We garden almost everyday
with over an acre to tend to

Sturdy and made to
 last forever
yesterday these boots got a  real work out
The big tree in our front yard 
has started to lose its leaves

Fall is in the air
the first big pile of leaves were raked and bagged
and this morning
the leaves have carpeted the grass all over again
looks like
its another boot day
Our kitty Latte on the other hand
 is  too exhausted today
she was on duty yesterday
 ready to pounce on every leaf

romantic saying for today

"You were made perfectly to be loved"
Elizabeth Barett Browning



  1. I love the pretty color of those boots! They really look broken into, too! Our leaves haven't begun to change or fall yet, but when they do, it's all at once!

    Happy fall, Pam!


  2. What adorable boots! They also make great decor - I love the color. It sounds like you're as eager for the seasonal change as we are. Happy fall! :)

  3. I love your boots! I bought a pair just like them in deep pink this summer, at a yardsale. I was going to plant them with flowers but never did. Wish they fit me but they're a couple of sizes too small. I just wanted them for flowers but would love a pair for working in the yard. We haven't been bombarded by leaves yet, but I know that when they come, there will be a lot of work for me to do! Enjoy your fall! Hugs, Leena

  4. I love your boots, mine are a baby blue but need lots more action, this year it was so hot, they were hardly used. I always enjoy reading your posts and viewing your blog.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  5. I love the rainshoes! I think the decor is beautiful and goo luck with your yard!


  6. Oh, I'm crazy about those boots! Love how you've displayed them! And the pic of Latte is TOO CUTE! :)


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