Rusty White Urn

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
our  rusty white urns
The aged patina is beautiful
We bought these two urns about 2 years ago
 and put them both outside by our front door

Handsome Husband bought
 rustoleum rust inhibitor
 to protect them at Home Depot 
 I was very hesitant to use it 
I was afraid it would change the color of the urns like a paint
 and I really like a rusty vintage patina!!!!
so we decided to spray  just one as an experiment

This urn was not sprayed with the rust inhibitor

This urn was sprayed 
and two years later as you can see it really worked

 The best part is
 the spray was clear so it did not change the color of the urn at all 
the spray can be used when the urn gets that perfect white and rust patina
Handsome husband was right!!!
Grateful he sprayed our vintage  white wrought iron tree seat too
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romantic saying for today

"Give all to Love obey thy heart"
Ralph Waldo Emerson



  1. Wow, that is such a beautiful urn! Good to know about the rust protector. Happy WW:)

  2. the seat is killer!!! Love the urns too :)

  3. The urns are so beautiful. Love the seat. It`s gorgeous.

  4. I love love love your urns! WOW!

    Stick a faux pumpkin on top and you'll be set for fall! It's perfect.

  5. Pam, first of all, I really enjoy your blog....look at it daily to see what's next.
    I so love your wrought iron tree bench. I have been looking for one but haven't found one yet. I have the matching loveseat, chair and side table. I've had mine for about 40 years now. This particular wrought iron is hard to come by these days.

  6. Beautiful urns, Pam! I love the shape of the second one.

  7. so gorgeous, nothing like that wonderful white/rusty patina!

  8. Pam, love the shape of your urns and the rusty white patina only make them more beautiful........Sarah

  9. Those urns are just perfect. I will have to try that rust inhibitor because I have a few urns that will need it. Like you, I have hesitated because I do not want the color to change.


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