White Elephant Gift

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Are you all finished with your
 Christmas decorating
or are you like our family we 
do not even have our tree yet ....
we will be part of the masses getting our tree this weekend
Do you see this tiny Santa silver bell 
 it was a white elephant gift
every year a dear friend has a Christmas party and asks everyone to bring a small present wrapped
it is one of those swaps where you can trade your gift for someone else s gift 
believe me this game can get intense
   This little Santa bell was the last white elephant gift opened
I was sitting happily with my gift...
a pretty poinsettia plant
and all of the sudden my poinsettia plant was gone and I had the silver Santa bell
I admit I was talking and not really paying attention to the game 
and everyone was laughing turns out the Santa bell had been swapped a few times
{no one wanted him}
but I liked the vintage bell
It fit right in with a few other silver treasures we have 
like this vintage silver chocolate snowman mold 

Now when all the girls come over to our house
 and see the Santa they always say why did we trade him ?
I am grateful they did
 linking for Vintage Inspiration Friday

romantic saying for today

"What greater thing is there for two human souls 
then to feel that they are joined for life"




  1. Hope all is well in So. Ca. Kinda hard to feel Christmas spirit in such pretty weather? We used to live in East county (Santee) of San Diego.
    I sure do love your pictures of your table and all, so pretty.
    I really love your little Santa bell. I like things a little different sand cherish them for many years. They're a go-to I always use for my holiday decorations. Maybe you can pass your little Santa down to one of your kids. Sounds like from what you said that little bell was meant to be yours.

  2. Pam, your little silver Santa is adorable. All it takes is the right setting to make a piece shine! ;-)

  3. Luc him!! Too adorable, I can see why he has a prominent place.
    Cheers, Gee


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