Vintage Gift Ideas

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Here are a few last minute Teacher gifts that 
we put together yesterday
adding a few vintage treasures to help
give the gifts a personal touch
This year we collected cups and creamers
{this one is a Emma Bridgewater creamer}
and potted just one 
paper white bulb
{a fun family project}
The bulbs will bloom at just the perfect time
Wrapping it simply in cellophane and twine 
also protects the dirt from spilling out
in route to school
This vintage aluminum juicer is the perfect container
 for homemade white chocolate bark
we added a funky vintage porcelain handle
that can be used later as a tree ornament 
~funky and fun~
The last gift is a extra large cup filled with 
Trader Joes candy cane peppermint green tea 
so yummy
 We added a  vintage heart shaped tea strainer
 and a red and white candy cane
 Simple gifts with a vintage touch
Which gift was your favorite.....
I always remember the advice our Grandmother gave us about  giving gifts 
"Always give a gift you would be happy to receive"

romantic saying for today

"For yesterday's memories, today's love, and tomorrow's dreams I love you."



  1. Really lovely gift ideas... happy weekend...
    Ciao for now...

  2. the best tea!!! love the gift ideas...and the ornaments!

  3. These are really sweet gift wrapping ideas Pam. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. These are wonderful gifts...made from the heart! Thanks for the ideas, Pam!


  5. Such great gift ideas and I love the vintage additions, Pam!

  6. Great gift ideas. Thanks for the post.

  7. These are really thoughtful gifts and homemade is the best. I bet the teacher will love these. Thanks for sharing the great ideas.

    1. How funny..I have just been making gifts for teachers and Godmothers! Mine are paperwhite bulbs or Hyacinth bulbs on a decorated silver bucket..with clay hand made petsonalised tags. Put in cellophane, twine, ribbon bags with a candy cane tied on!! Great minds..and Im in UK!! Deb x


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