Simple Christmas

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
So much fun to start decorating for
This is one of the vintage treasures we found at the
 Lucky Street Productions warehouse sale
Do you know what this tin piece
 was originally used for.....

This little vintage treasure grabbed my heart instantly 
and was gratefully within
 our Christmas budget
it really helps to have a budget
 and let the creativity flow more than the money
We learned these tins were used as rain gutters 
can you imagine how cute it would be
 to see this all along the side
 of a home
 the three hearts
three for my three favorite words
~ I Love You ~

When we were first married and had just bought our home
 we had very little money to decorate our Christmas tree
That year we used pine cones 
Starbucks  sample cups 
{now a family tradition}
handmade paper snowflakes
paper chains made from grocery bags and
 on the top of the tree was a
star made out of branches and twine
We learned that year that
can make a
 beautiful Christmas!!

romantic saying for today

“You don’t take away my choices. You are my choice.”



  1. Pam, as always your beautiful touch is perfect for a simple Christmas. This was a great find and most certainly needed to go home with you. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing the beauty and your wonderful quotes each post.

  2. It's so pretty, Pam! So French-Nordic looking! :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. What a neat piece of tin! Love the way it all looks together.

    I love that you learned how to have a simple Christmas out of necessity and then continued the tradition.

    Blessings friend.

  4. Very cute find. I can't believe something so cute were used as rain gutters - wish they still made them.

    I have been having fun decorating for christmas too! Most of it is done in one day and the rest of it I'll set out as I have time to create them.

  5. lovelovelove the hearts!!!!

  6. Loved your story of your first tree!
    That rain gutter is wonderful!

  7. I always think handmade decorations are the best!




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