Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Do you like yellow....
 yellow is not for everyone 
but Yellow is a
 warm and happy color 
Here are two vintage yellow treasures that
 add color to our Home
The vintage hand painted sap bucket seems to make an appearance here in the fall
when it gets darker earlier
 and the weather turns cooler
 yellow warms up a room and adds a little  sunshine
 the pretty hand painted pink flowers 

Yellow and pink are a pretty combination
This vintage shoe reminds me of my Grandmother who 
always seemed to be wearing sensible shoes
Yellow is not my favorite color
in fact
 these two vintage treasures were in our paint pile for awhile
Just like this vintage rusty yellow
egg gathering basket
I am grateful 
that all these vintage treasures were pulled from the pile
Thank You all for your comments you were my voice of reason
I have been known to go a little
 white paint crazy
{ I may need a paint intervention}
romantic saying for today
" For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.
 For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it"




I ♥ your Comments