Summer Day

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
It is a gorgeous summer day
here in Southern California
Our Home is filled with
  family staying with us
on vacation from the East Coast
We are all having so much fun laughing and
catching up on each others lives
 we are
~dining alfresco~ 
~ going to the beach~
~looking for shells~
~playing cards~
Having them here feels like a mini stay at home
 vacation for us too
doing all the things we
 to do together
Simple Summer pleasures
 On this beautiful summer day
we are playing musical chairs outside
in the backyard
I have to admit it is much more fun
 than I remembered
 rumor has it musical chairs will become a daily
 before dinner event for our entire family!!!
Its just a rumor so far ....
~Happy Summer~

romantic saying for today
"What I Love is near at hand always in earth and air"



  1. Love your beautiful photos! Sometimes the "staycations" are the best.


  2. Enjoy a fabulous visit with your family!! It soudns like lots of fun - especially musical chairs!
    Beautiful photos!

  3. Enjoy your family. Musical chairs sounds like a fun thing to do....my grandkids would love doing this. Beautiful pictures as always.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  4. Wonderful family fun and memories! Keep enjoying!

  5. Hi Pam, I love your pictures! Wishing you a wonderful summer time with your beautiful flowers and garden! Hug,Barbara

  6. Hi Pam...it's Rose from The Tarnished Crown blog. I'm so glad you like the items you purchased. I'm sorry but my friend does not have a site, I just sell a few things here and there for her. I love your pictures and am adding your blog to My Favorites, so I can check back often.

    Please stop by the flea and say hello the next your shopping.


  7. Gorgeous bouquets and the pail with the flowers on it is so cute. It sounds like you are having a fun time with your company. Enjoy!


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