Vintage Window

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
This  beautiful vintage arched window is the perfect blend 
of chippy charm and rustic beauty
It stands 5 feet tall and has been in every room in our home
 including the kitchen 
It has found a new spot in the garden surrounded by
 beautiful blooming hydrangeas 
 white iceberg roses
The wavy antique glass has a mirror effect
 which doubles the beauty that surrounds it
A Beautiful reflection
 Our White Iceberg roses seem to be engulfing our home
Here they are by
 the herb garden
 Here by the 
side patio 
By the backyard patio where we
 to dine alfresco
Vintage Windows in the garden
surrounded by white iceberg roses
beautiful don't you think
Don't be afraid to add vintage treasures 
 even to the garden

romantic saying for today
"Love comforteth like sunshine after rain"



  1. What a beautiful place for your beautiful wondow! All the white roses are spectacular too!

  2. Love the window, but your roses are just beautiful. I bet they smell as good as they look.

  3. I love that old window and it looks beautiful in the garden. Your roses are so pretty. A lovely restful spot for dining too. Enjoy. Pamela

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  5. WOW I am crazy for the look & the size woowwzers..nice to have one so big!
    Have missed a bit over here so fun to see your friends wedding & your screen door & your great collection of watering cans!


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