Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday
 Today was one of those days
Beautiful warm sunny weather
 with a very light breeze
It was a relax, renew, recharge kind of Day
A day spent quietly with just our family 
all together at
Grateful for days like today !!
 {our son has just graduated from High School ,
 his baseball team just won a cif championship 
and our daughter is home from college 
and we had a magazine photo shoot at the house} 
This is the view we see while laying on the
 hammock in our backyard
We spent the majority of the day
 giggling and laughing
  laying on the hammock
 counting the apricots in the tree above us
These are the days that renew our souls
The kind of day we seem to remember most 
just being together
 and enjoying every moment
 Can't wait for the apricots to ripen 
Even when there were so many things to accomplish
  it was bliss to
 just lay in our hammock together
 feel the warm sun and just be
Have you had any r and r days lately?

romantic saying for today
"My heart is always at your beckon call"


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  1. R&R is good for the soul.
    sounds like so much fun :)


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