Country Living Fair

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
The Country Living Fair
  in Austin was so much fun
I have to admit I was amazed at how many of you showed up 
Y'all  sure do things
 BIG  and fun in Texas
This was just one of the arenas
 filled to over flowing with people and amazing
 vintage treasures
Like this beautiful vintage white round window
there was White Ironstone everywhere
and so much more
~Wonderful Wicker~
~Cowgirl  boots~
~Vintage White Letters~
This little sign pretty much summed up the Country Living fair
Tomorrow I will show you so much more.... and a few surprises
Any guesses on what I brought home?
Grateful for such a wonderful week it was so fun to meet a few of you too
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romantic saying for today
"Express Love at every Chance"



  1. LOVE the pink boots! and all the white ironstone! xox

  2. Fun! I can't wait until they come here. I think it's September and I just missed it last year by a couple of weeks. {We moved the end of September}. I'm looking forward to going!

  3. Go figure..crazy cowgirl boots in Austin. I LOVE AUSTIN!

  4. What a fun show.Can't wait to see more photos.I am thinking you find some ironstone and maybe some cowgirl boots :-)

  5. Wish I had been there. I'm hoping to go to some Belgian and French fairs this summer and see what they have, different from Texas I'm sure. Nice post/ :) Jenny

  6. Oh how fun! thanks for sharing a littel peek!

  7. Looks like great fun Pam. Beautiful vintage as well.

    xoxo Rozmeen

  8. A week without a post I was getting worried. Glad to see your back. I love the wicker love seat and fabric. Pam
    Also love your romantic quotes..


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