Vintage Details

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Even though this vintage wooden box
 is the perfect creamy  shade of white
It was the
 beautiful detailed wooden
 that  really caught my eye
 The hand carved wooden details are
very intricate there are tiny rosebuds and even a flower filigree
 that adds  a vintage charm
that is hard to duplicate
The little carved feet are  pretty cute too
 There is a wooden design  embellishment on top
that has just the right amount of crackling and
 crazing that helps you to know it is a hand carved
and vintage fabulous treasure
That someone had already painted it white was an added bonus
You know that if it had been the original brown wood
I would have painted it white in a heart beat

This vintage treasure is now used to help store our keys
{if I can just remember to put them inside}
Decorating with vintage treasures adds warmth and interest to any room
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romantic saying for today
"We are like two volumes of one book"
Marceline Desbordes



  1. It is beautiful. I have been looking for a box to put on our coffee table for our remotes. Hope to find one a pretty as this one.

  2. Oh my~ This is one of the prettiest boxes I have seen! Of course, white is my favorite, all shades. I would just nut-up if I found such! Love it!

  3. Oh that is truly a marvelous treasure to behold!

  4. Pam, have you ever antiqued white over a black chest? I want to do that and don't know what to do first, sand or paint then sand. You're the expert on shabby chic. xo Jenny

  5. That detailing and those feet would have caught my eye, too, Pam! It's always great to not have to paint something.

  6. Good (and cute) idea. We need a little catch-all like that in our family room.


  7. Your pictures are always so beautiful. I love that box.
    Katie @ Let's Add Sprinkles

  8. Love the little box and I have a similar white shippy grate....love it!



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