Texas Treasure Hunting

Hi Everyone

Happy Friday

I have been in Texas
visiting my daughter and everyone here
is talking about
Rachel Ashwell's
Prairie project

Today we went to Dallas to the Wisteria outlet mall
it was amazing

tomorrow is Flea Market Saturday
I am taking my camera with me so you can see
the treasures we find can't wait to show you

Being with my daughter
She has a great eye and is so fun to treasure hunt with
We are having
Mommy and daughter fun
laughing and talking so much I have almost lost my voice

Maybe we will run into Rachel treasure hunting too

romantic saying for today

"love builds a bridge from heart to heart"




The Little White Dress

Hi Everyone

Happy Thursday

I know you
are thinking I got this wrong..
its suppose to be the little black dress that everyone wants
I{Love} to wear
Did you see the movie "Just go with it" with Jennifer Aniston?
I loved
all of Jennifer's clothes
and Hawaii too

This white dress is classic
and beautiful

and she is so tan I am so ready for some summer sun

This long lacy dress is from Dolce and Gabanna
the new spring line
it is so romantic and lacy

This is another dress from the movie
I am thinking how difficult could it be to learn to crochet?
I do know how to knit a little bit

This is also new for spring from Dolce and Gabbana

look at the white anklet lace socks with the white shoes
I wonder if it is true ,that we decorate our homes with the colors that we love to wear

I know
I do

what about you?

romantic saying for today

"Love is a fruit in season at all times and in reach of every hand"
Mother Teresa


Vintage White DIY

Hi Everyone

Happy Wednesday

Here is a cute
little DIY project

I found this
white vintage chippy hinge
knew there was something I could do with it
Then I found this green chalkboard

I was trying to figure out a way to
hang the chalkboard and then
I thought of the hinge

It was so easy and simple to put together
all I needed to do was
measure the space for the holes

and then buy the screws
I am going to paint the screws

the way this turned out
Isn't this a fun new use for wonderful
white vintage hinges

I have had a little obsession with
chalkboards lately...
linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday
Be sure and stop by Dustylu too
and see her fabulous pictures she did for Rachel Ashwell

romantic saying for today

"Keep love in your heart, A life without it is like a sunless garden"
Oscar Wilde



A Breath of Heaven

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

Have you heard of this beautiful plant it is called
Breath of Heaven

the little pink flowers

Don't you just love the name
I wish you could smell
this post too
because the flowers smell amazing so
clean and fresh
We have planted Breath of Heaven all around the
front and backyard

I put a few sprigs in these adorable
white milk glass jars

I know that you have seen these little jars before
to use them for so many things to me they are a
true treasure

the aluminum tops

I love to put flowers in them and even
little paper parasols at parties

These jars are J.R. Watkins jars
Did you know that the company is still in business?
They don't make the milk glass jars anymore

If I find these jars
I always know
they are going
to come
They are an inexpensive little luxury
I found some in a free box at a flea market

I have some cute ideas for these jars for
I can't wait to show you

Have a wonderful Tuesday
I am linking up with My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
for Tuesdays treasures
& The lettered cottage

romantic saying for today

"To get the full value of joy you must have someone to share it with"
Mark Twain



Vintage Garden Reflections

Hi Everyone

Happy Monday

This lovely white vintage
chippy window is in the front yard garden
the beautiful arched design
I bought this window at Matilda's Mouse barn sale
in Valley Center last summer

Look at the beautiful reflection

There were two of these windows
I sure wish I could have bought them both
The other one went home with someone else who wanted both of them too
We decided to just be~ grateful~ we each had

Can you see the front yard
in the reflection?
This window has been in the house too
It is fun to
move things around and
put vintage treasures in unexpected places

that this window has found a home in the garden
It doubles the beauty in the front yard and
welcomes friends , I can't wait to see how it looks
when the roses and hydrangeas are in bloom
Have a wonderful day
linking up for
Show off your cottage Monday
at http://www.houseintheroses.blogspot.com/

romantic saying for today

"The love we give away is the only love we keep"
~Elbert Hubbart~


Vintage Kitchen Jars

Hi Everyone

Happy Saturday

Many of you have asked me about the
{vintage glass jars}
that are in my
kitchen cabinet

These jars are my favorite
for storing
granulated sugar, powdered sugar,
sugar cubes and even
white chocolate chips

the vintage decals they
add a little color and charm

I only put
white ingredients
in the jars

The jar on the right with the
robins egg blue
is one of my favorites
I bought 3 of them at the
Long Beach swap meet
years ago
they are old mayonnaise jars
I added the little
pink rose decal

The jars are all different sizes and shapes
and we use them everyday I
that they are
pretty and useful too

linking up for
Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today

"It is love not reason that is stronger than death"
Thomas Mann



Vintage Enamelware

Hi Everyone

I am so grateful that you all like
testing your treasure hunting skills with me
Are you ready to
try again?

Here are two little
enamelware buckets
The vintage enamelware bucket is worth
$55 dollars
and the new enamelware bucket was

This white enamelware bucket
says sand on it
and has black trim
I love this picture check out the drip of water on the faucet

The adorable red and white checked
enamel bucket
is pristine

They are almost the same size and shape

Do you think you know which one is

Are you ready

The red and white checked bucket on the left is the
NEW one
and the one on right is the
enamelware bucket

How did you do?

the fact that the vintage bucket says sand
because we live so close to the beach

These vintage buckets are usually found in sets of three
and were used as containers for laundry soaps
this one is German and would have had
soda, sand and seife

romantic saying for today

"The heart that truly loves never forgets"
Dorothy Parker



Vintage White Kitchen

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

my white stove

but it used to drive me crazy
that I was facing a white tile wall
when I was cooking
I could not see what was happening
behind me
so I found a few vintage mirrors
and put them up behind the stove

You can see there is white tile behind the mirrors
I had to get creative because of the pot filler faucet
the way it turned out
it reflects even the beauty
from the outside and
now we all like cooking at the stove

Recently I found this picture in
Country Living magazine
and almost fell over
I am not crazy they put a mirror behind their stove too

I am linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm
White Wednesday

I love leaving you all with a romantic saying for the day
I hope you don't mind if I keep doing it
you all know I am a romantic at heart

romantic saying for today

"Love is not blind it sees more not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less"
Julius Gordon



Treasure Hunting tip #1

Hi Everyone

This is a little vintage wicker table that
I found a few months ago while shopping with a wonderful friend
The minute I saw it I knew it was coming home with me
The price was $25
and it was the prettiest shade of
robins egg blue

I had this white tray already at home
the little handles
on the sides

Amazingly this little white tray
fit on top of the little wicker table

The wicker table is now in the entry way
Isn't it a cutie?
It was cheap becuase it did not have a top!!!!!
Here is what it looks like without the tray
I was curious what the original top looked like

I recently found this picture in
Coastal Living magazine
it is the same table only in green with the original top

I really like how this turned out
Treasure hunting tip#1
Don't overlook something that has potential just because it needs a little love
follow your heart
linking up with Kristen from
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Have a Happy day

romantic saying for today
"The best mirror is an old friend"
George Herbert



God's Romantic Plan

Hi Everyone

{Happy Valentines Day}

I am linking up with
My Desert Cottage
to share the short version of our Love story
I marvel at how
He is a God of details
He put my Husband and I at the right place
at the right time to meet each other and fall in
We met in December 1980 a week before Christmas
I was 2 weeks at my new job as a cosmetic salesgirl at a large Department store
a job I got as a college student with no experience

He and his friend were shopping for Christmas presents
(he is still a late shopper to this day)

For some reason
There were display only exercise bikes
near the cosmetic counter?
The boys got on the bikes
My new boss said to me
Can you please get those guys off the bikes?

I went over and said sweetly
Can't you guys read?
It says these bikes are for display only....

My future husband said
It was the only way I could get you to come over here to say Hi

The day after Christmas he came in with a dozen pink roses and asked me to lunch
He had me at Hello
Trust God's Plan
We have been sweethearts ever since

Happy Valentines day
I pray your day is filled with lot's of
and Kisses

romantic saying for today

"Love is two souls with but a single thought ,two hearts that beat as one"
Freidrich Halm

"We Love because he first loved us"
1 John 4:19



Valentine Garden Romance

Hi Everyone


in the garden

The camellias are blooming and they keep finding
their way into the
in the front yard

They are the perfect color
to add a little

Did you know that more people wear pink on
Valentines day
then any other day of the year?
I love that the garden is wearing a little pink too

Couldn't resist showing you the pansies

Happy Saturday
linking with How sweet the sound
Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today

"Doubt thou the stars are fire
doubt that the sun doth move
doubt truth to be a liar
but never doubt that
I Love You"
William Shakespeare



Vintage White Doorstop

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday

Are you ready
to test your treasure hunting skills again?

Can't wait to see how you do this time
One of these
{ white doorstops}
is vintage
and the other one
is new....
Give it a try

how detailed this one is and the
large size

This one is
petite and pretty

another closeup of the large door stop

The petite doorstop is so
The Vintage Doorstop
is worth

the new doorstop was

Do you think you know the answer?

The small petite doorstop on the left is the vintage beauty
The large doorstop on the right is the new one
How did you do
Did you pick right?

Happy Friday
linking up with Common Ground
for Vintage Inspiration Friday
and Show and Tell Friday
at Romantic Home

romantic saying for today
"Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination"

Thank You to Sally Lee for posting about my Chalkboard post
at Sally Lee by the Sea