Vintage Kitchen Jars

Hi Everyone

Happy Saturday

Many of you have asked me about the
{vintage glass jars}
that are in my
kitchen cabinet

These jars are my favorite
for storing
granulated sugar, powdered sugar,
sugar cubes and even
white chocolate chips

the vintage decals they
add a little color and charm

I only put
white ingredients
in the jars

The jar on the right with the
robins egg blue
is one of my favorites
I bought 3 of them at the
Long Beach swap meet
years ago
they are old mayonnaise jars
I added the little
pink rose decal

The jars are all different sizes and shapes
and we use them everyday I
that they are
pretty and useful too

linking up for
Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today

"It is love not reason that is stronger than death"
Thomas Mann



  1. Awesome jars and cabinets. I think the Long Beach flea market is this weekend...but we are going to Mammoth. Hopefully, I'll go next month.
    Following you. :)
    Mary Ann

  2. I love your jars too. I have that decal on the top jar and have never used it. I just found a pretty jar at the thrift store and now I know what to do with it.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Hi,
    I live in Long Beach...saw you got your vintage jars there. They are sweet and I like your idea of only white ingredients. My grandmother used them for flour, white sugar and brown sugar so I do too. monah

  4. HI Pam! I'm from California and have not been to this Long Beach swap meet but it sounds wonderful. I love those jars and love the little decals you used. How sweet, simple and wonderful. You have such a wonderful blog I'm glad I found you. I'm a new follower and will be back for many visits!

  5. Oh boy, I love your jars. I keep wanting some like that. Way to cool.
    Happy PS.

  6. Very nice...did you paint the lids too??


  7. lovely vintage jars! love the floral decals on them and i think that's a great idea to put white ingredients in it as it brings out the floral decals on them and so vintage! love it! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Hi Pam,
    You actually brought back a memory for me when I used to use decals on every container in my house.. The glass jars are beautiful and I like the fact that you only put white in them. So clean and crisp and creative!
    Your Newest Follower
    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

  9. love them and great as something practical to use every day!

  10. I couldn't agree more! I love vintage jars and buy them any chance I get! I keep a bunch stacked on my kitchen counter, full of bright, cheerful candy. Happy PS!

  11. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love these jars, I have them in my kitchen too.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  12. They are so sweet and I love that you use them and not just display them!!

  13. They are very pretty and I like how you have the whole shelf full of them.

  14. Happy Pink Saturday....hope your week is sprinkled with little blessings...and covered with grace !

  15. Oh, i love these! I have some that are new. Im thinking that i can make them look old, and i will be on the lookout for those decals...Thanks for the inspiration!...........Ur lastest follower, Bonnie

  16. How darling these jars are! I love the idea of using them to store different things and display them. They look very charming and vintage on your shelf~ thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  17. I love using jars to store just about anything. It's so nice to open the door to the pantry and see lovely jars instead of boxes. Your are so over the top pretty that I will have to keep my eyes open for some. I am still making my rounds, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  18. Happy Pink Saturday, Pam.

    Your jars looks so pretty, and thank you for the idea. I have my sugar cubes in a clear vintage jar, and I am going to put it in the cabinet with my mugs. The cabinet has a glass door, and it would look pretty in there - and be more convenient than in the pantry.

  19. Hi Pam, I've just discovered your lovely blog and have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. To see rules for playing along go to http://shabbyteaparty.blogspot.com Hugs

  20. Lovely Jars! I have been using old pickle jars for craft storage after painting the lids pink. Yours seem much prettier! Dawn


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