Vintage shopping test #6

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
It is that time again to test your 
vintage shopping skills
Do You have any idea what this
sterling silver and glass vase was
  originally used for
The sterling silver top is removable 
and has a hole
at the center
{perfect for a rose or two}

If you guessed
a Victorian  hair collector you are
Did you know that Victorian women use to make
jewelry and even artwork with hair
They would place the hair through the hole at the top
when it was full they would remove the lid 
Here is an example of Victorian era hair art
The hair  was wrapped around wire with beads
surrounding the important dates of a families
marriages and the birth of their children

How did you do
did you know what it was?
 It is fun to discover what vintage treasures were originally used for
I like it better as a vase
sharing with

romantic saying for today
"Seize the moments of happiness love and be loved"
Leo Tolstoy



  1. How interesting! It is a lovely piece and perfect for your roses!

  2. Wow, that is interesting. Pretty piece!

  3. I like it better with flowers in it than hair I think. Haha


  4. I had guessed that it was for hairpins - not hair. However, I think it makes a very pretty rose bowl.


  5. Wow! Very interesting! I had NO idea! Thanks for teaching us!
    this are very beautiful accessories!!!!
    Hugs, Barbara

  6. Not sure what the holes on the lid were for but I love the idea of it for hair things!! Though flowers look beautiful, too!!


  7. Never would have guessed! I like it better as a vase, too!

  8. Pretty photos!
    I cant believe they would keep there hair...icky! we could save up all of latte's hair in there. hahhahaha LOL

  9. What beautiful and unique pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I knew what it was, but I have to say, I like it as a vase much better! I was always a little creeped out by hair art!

  11. Seriously? I had no idea! I learned something new today, Pam! :)

    xoox laurie

  12. Pam ~ Isn't that just the weirdest thing to do! I was kind of grossed out when I heard that for the first time ~ I do love seeing what things were originally used for though ~ it is fun !

  13. I prefer your use for it, Pam. the Victorians were sick and twisted, I tell ya! Collecting one's hair must be bad juju if you ask me....akin to sociopaths who collect their nail clippings or something! ;P

    Neat history lesson!


  14. I did know that it was a hair receiver. When my grandmother died, we found a container of hair in her cedar chest. I have no idea why she kept it or what her plans were.

  15. Wow Pam I have never heard of this! Very interesting. I wonder what the origin is?

  16. Kinda cool but also kinda creepy….


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