Vintage German cup Christmas

Hi Everyone
Recently I found a fabulous vintage cookbook
  all the recipes
 called for the measurements in
Liters and not cups
Yikes !!
I was at a loss
I googled how to convert a cup to a liter
1 Cup = 0.23658823625 Liters
So when I found this vintage German enamelware measuring cup
I almost jumped for joy
no more trying to figure out the conversion table
I can just grab the cup

Here is one of my favorite recipes
1 Cup of Consideration
2 Cups of Praise
1 Small Pinch of In-Laws
1 Tablespoon of Contentment
1 Gallon of Patience
2 Tablespoons of Flattery
1 Cup of Encouragement
A dash of Faith and Trust

Take love and loyalty and mix thoroughly with faith. Blend in kindness and understanding. Add friendship and surprise, stirring well. Fold in passion alternating with an abundance of laughter. Bake with sunshine and rainbows. Garnish with forgiveness and thoughtfulness. Serve daily with generous helpings.
YIELD: Serves 2 for a lifetime.
author unknown

 I am getting excited for
I even heard Christmas music today on the radio
Looks like we will be decorating early this year
maybe I will even put my new cup on the tree
sharing with
Time Travel Thursday

romantic saying for today
"My recipe for love is me and you"



  1. It's adorable Pam! There is just nothing like vintage cookware of any kind. But this one is simply endearing. Wonderful find.

  2. KUCHENMASS hahaha thats such a funny looking word...
    LOVELOVELOVE the recipe for LOVE. :) oxox
    wonderful pictures

  3. kuchenmass in german means cake something! i just google translated it for ya!

  4. Sweet cup, Pam! What a darling find! I'm anxious to decorate for Christmas, too. :) I just purchase some charming little 2' faux Christmas trees that look verrry Jeanne d'Arc. I was actually wondering if I couldn't start decorating now....? lol!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Hy Pam, wonderful recipe for a beautiful love and nice to hear it again - I have heard it once a long time ago in german...thanks for remembering me!
    Yes, I agree with you, Christmas WILL be indeed very early with decorating this year - here in Switzerland too!
    Hugs, Barbara

  6. What an awesome enamel measuring cup/pitcher. It is gorgeous! I love enamelware! Gorgeous pictures!

  7. That is neat Pam, I love old enamelware. I too am ready for Christmas~the decorating, the spirit the excitement!

  8. Love your new decorative items...wonderful enamel measuring cup. I am Canadian. We measure in metric as well. It looks strange (albeit logical)to see the the measurements inside the vessel...What a great find. I have joined your followers list and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

  9. I wonder what kuchenmass means? I took German in college... my brain isn't working.

  10. Just did the translation and it means cake mass?

  11. Pam, I love the measuring cup!! I have an attraction to anything white with black lettering. This is so cute.


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