Rusty Vintage Charm

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
  Since I let you all know about my struggles with
~Ivy Topiaries~
I thought you would get a big kick out of  the gift I received yesterday from my sweet  neighbor
{yes she knows I have issues with ivy}}
It looks  so pretty in the dining room

I have my fingers crossed it will grow
maybe if I just ignore it and water it once a week
it will decide it likes it here

Saturday it rained almost all day so  
My husband decided  it was time he cleaned out the garage
he  was so excited when he
found this
rusty vintage light fixture

What is funny and a little strange is neither one of us can remember
where this came from or
how long it has been in our garage

~rusty vintage charm~
We have a huge glass jar that we lovingly refer to as our
"found money"
jar, it is where we put all the loose change and pennies we have in
our pockets each week
{the laundry is where I usually find a lot of spare change too}
last year we saved 284 dollars and donated it to
Children's Hospital 
such a simple way to give 
we are always surprised at how much we have collected

It is so fun to dump all the change out on the floor
separate the quarters, dimes, nickels and penny's then we start adding it all up
This year we have 2 jars and our family goal 
is to try to beat the previous years total 

The rusty vintage light fixture he found now has a new home
next to the
found money jar

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romantic saying for today
"Each kiss a heart quake"
Lord Byron



  1. Beautiful photos! I love the light fixture! Your blog is so lovely!

  2. What a great forgotten Treasure that Light Fixture is... I love Rusted Aged Items. We discovered a fabulous old Candle Sconce in one of the outbuildings of this old House that the previous owners had left behind {among other fab Treasures, thankfully they had been packrats of Vintage & Antique Treasures}... it couldn't have been more perfect if I'd chosen it myself, so very "Me" and its one of the pieces that we discovered that really I felt a special connection to.

    Your Found Money Jug is a wonderful idea.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. That is a great way to save money for a charity! Very cool light fixture~looks like cast iron too.

  4. Pretty light fixture! What a find; I wonder if the previous owners left it (?)

    I love the idea of your found money jar!


  5. LOVING the fixture mommy!
    and the ivy haha...the peackock feather reminds me of topanga days!

  6. Oh Wow!! What a beautiful find you got from the garage! Don't you just love when that happens?!!
    We have a jar as well for loose change. I think your jar is much better than ours though.
    Hope you have a beautiful day.

  7. Awesome find, Pam! And an awesome way to donate that money jar money. You're such a blessing! :)

    xoxo laurie


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