Vintage Pink

 Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday

Crackled ,aged repurposed and beautiful 
Just look at the wonderful patina on this
vintage pink wooden  box
the shabby chic material lining the bottom
 The wonderful glass knob on top
Rusty glass knob feet
 I have a new passion
these adorable
eyelet paper lanterns only $3
I bought them to send to our daughter for her room in Texas
but I think I may have to keep one or two they are so cute

Even though this box gets used everyday 
{ it holds keys}
 it is
sturdy and pretty too
sharing with

romantic saying for today
"I am in your day you are in my day  forever more"



  1. That pink box is gorgeous! I love the "feet" especially.
    What a lucky daughter to be so loved by her mom while she is away.


  2. Hi Pam, found you on pink Saturday!

    I love the pink box....that is some serious crackle paint!! Just perfect!! Ok...inspired to "make" a copy. Thank you for sharing your romantic key box!!

  3. So pretty - I would never have thought to use glass knobs as feet. Thanks for the new inspiration!!

  4. The box is absolutely adorable, but what is that metal grade it's sitting on....is that an old vent cover? I love that too!

  5. Gorgeous!

    Please come see my Pink, when you get a chance. Happy weekend!

  6. That is one neat little key box. I love the glass door knob and feet.

  7. This is such a beautiful box! And those roses set it off so well. Those glass feet are just such a wonderful touch. Happy PS!

  8. OMG i cant wait to get them!!! They're even cuter than you described on the phone...buy more!!!!! love you!

  9. Hi Pam!

    Oh that vintage pink box + roses + glass knobs = perfection! Love, love, love it!!! :)

    Thank you so much for finding me and joining in on my first giveaway, and for posting it on your site. :) I have actually admired your blog for some time, and have you on my inspirational blog roll list. :) Thank you for your continued inspiration!!!

    Oh and Happy Pink Saturday to you!!! Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  10. Il tuo blog è meraviglioso
    Ciao Monica

  11. This is such a pretty piece, Pam, and I love imagining the treasures is has held.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for joining us. Your eye for beauty and sweet spirit always brightens my day.♥

  12. Hi Pam,

    I enjoy looking at your blog..... you have marvelous taste and your home is so lovely. I adore this little box... just the right shade of pink too! I have a few boxes as well that I'm crazy about... they are so useful and decorative.

    Enjoy your Day~


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