Fresh Eggs

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

The past few days we have been enjoying
fresh eggs from our neighbors hens
Sometimes I imagine

 Getting up in the morning slipping on my wellies
  grabbing a cup of coffee
strolling down to our adorable white chicken coop
saying hello to the chickens

with my vintage  wire egg basket
gathering my eggs for the day
it sounds so divine

Then I snap out of it 

We are so lucky that our firends share thier fresh eggs with us
the eggs have the most amazing orange yolks and the taste is so much richer
there are no hormones and their chickens roam free and eat off the land.

When we first moved into our home we could hear their rooster crowing in the morning
truth be told the rooster was crowing all the time

Our neighbor was so kind she came over
with some fresh eggs to introduce herself
and apologize for the rooster crowing non stop
We were so busy working on the house
I kept apologizing for the noise we were making 
hammering and tearing down walls

We have been friends ever since 
I am so grateful for her kindness and generosity
Maybe one day we will raise chickens too
{ my husband is laughing} 
sharing with

romantic saying for today
"I will always see you through the eyes of Love"
Ellen Weiner



  1. I miss the sound of a Rooster in the morning. I grew up next door to friends who had chickens and it was a nice sound, and although I'm not much of an egg person, I do eat them once in a while, and there much better without hormones. , such a pretty fresh Sunday morning vignette Pam, very pretty.

  2. I hear the moo of cows in the morning here at Heaven's Walk. Soft and low... Wouldn't it be fun to have a cute little coop, though - and those chickies with fluffy feet....? :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. I love your witre basket! Chickens...sounds like a lot of dirty work in exchange for eggs. I much prefer to have sweet neighbors!! ;-)


  4. Hi - I just found your wonderful blog and love your beautiful kitchen with gorgeous accessoiries!
    I have linked myself with you, to follow your blog furtheron. Excuse me for my English, I am from Switzerland and am doing my best ;-)
    Hugs, Barbara

  5. Hi, I agree fresh eggs are wonderful and keeping chickens are so much fun each one has their own personality. I have 43 chickens and two roosters, and theres not a day that goes by that they don't make me smile. :) nancy

  6. How fortunate for you to have a good friend and fresh eggs! If you ever have the opportunity to have chickens, I highly recommend it. I had 3 hens, and we had so much fun with them. Of course, the fresh eggs were a great benefit.
    Happy Scrambling!

  7. Mmmm, fresh eggs are so much better. You're lucky to have such generous neighbors. Love your fresh vignette.

  8. Well that is so great to have a neighbor share her eggs~and I am glad the rooster doesn't get to you. Your pics are just gorgeous by the way!

  9. LOVING the basket for the eggs! so major

  10. Love the egg basket! The eggs are so much better fresh. O to have a shabby white chicken coop!


  11. I want chickens too (my husband laughs at me as well)! Beautiful photos!

  12. Cute egg basket and milk bottle! Your neighbor is a great friend, and I agree that I had rather have eggs from my neighbor's chickens rather than my own chickens ;P

  13. such a lovely story, pam. i'm your newest follower.

    found you and this lovely post via houseintheroses and would love to have you visit the great giveaway i have at the moment!




  14. Hi Pam...how sweet of you to visit. I think pug owners have an instant connection LOL...we know the love and snuggle, laughter and all the good stuff they bring to the family. I love that milk bottle. And your bedroom is so pretty. We just bought an iron bed this past year and we loves it.

  15. These photos are gorgeous...I bet those eggs are great! Nice neighbors.


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