Rusty Cottage Charm

 Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday

Finding beauty in 
the day
and trying to make a decision

This funky little metal table is junky rusty and fabulous
it's cottage charm
it has just the right amount of rust

It sits between two vintage chairs that are always on my list to paint  but 
should you ,could you paint over their delicious
~rusty patina~

The chairs are in the herb garden by the kitchen
  it is the perfect spot for a
cup of tea in the morning
We are growing rosemary,lavender
parsley, mint , cilantro and thyme

Smells  heavenly and it is wonderful to
cut fresh herbs
{see the very rusty chairs}

the rose growing towards the garage door this morning
I think I need to go buy some paint ...
decisions decisions
to paint or not to paint the rusty chairs
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 romantic saying for today
"The most beautiful view is the one I share with you"



  1. I think I'd paint them but distress them to bring out some of the lovely patina!

  2. Pam.
    I love them rusty but they would look great painted and distressed. That's a tuff onefor sure, they would look fabulous either way! Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  3. I love the chairs all rusty!! Your rose is so pretty.


  4. I would be inclined to just seal them, and leave the patina. However, like your previous comments, they would also look good painted and sanded back.

  5. Hi Pam,
    I love your shabby rusty shell back chairs.
    I have a similar pair. I picked them up in 1994 for $12.50 for the pair at a country auction. At That time they were covered with a heavy (great!) multi-layer coating of yellowed white paint(this was before Shabby Chic)! I enjoyed them this way for a few years then used chemical stripper to remove the old paint. Then I spray painted them a wonderful sky blue/turquoise colour. Then five years ago, I scuffed them up with some fine steel wool and repainted them a pale shabby pink. (They had gone a bit rusty and I found the rust was getting on my clothes and damaging them.) If you would like instructions for stripping them let me know. I found that quite a bit of the rust in the paint comes off when you use chemical stripper, but this in effect helps preserve the integrity of the steel.
    Your herb garden looks devine! Have you blogged about it!
    Kind regards, Laura

  6. hmmm ok rusty if your keeping them down by our guest house. but paint them if you want them to be used in the upper "fourty" !! haha
    happy birthday xoxoxoo <3

  7. I'm in the same dilemma, I have an old milk/cream container (can't remember what you call those big things!) that has the same patina as your chairs and I can't decide if I should paint it! I look forward to seeing what you do for sure! What a lovely area to sit in the morning.


  8. Love them! I have a white chair I painted a couple of years ago, but now it's crusty rusty again. Guess mother nature always wins! thanks for coming to the party!! xoxo

  9. Oh, I love them as is! Put a sealer or something on them so they don't rust your backside and then they are done. Gorgeous...

  10. So pretty! I hope you will consider linking this lovely post to Fresh-Cut Friday. It would be perfect! :)


  11. I would paint the chairs because I would not want to get rust on my clothes. But I would leave the table alone! :D

    *or* Can you seal it with the rust on there so it won't get on your clothes? :/

    As you can tell, I am overly concerned with your pretty clothes, Pam! ;P

  12. I meant seal them (the chairs)...it is early....

  13. They are beautiful, but if they were mine I'd spray paint them a glorious turquoise.

  14. Oh I love those chairs!! I would seal them- the rusty crusty beautifulness is perfect!!! Thanks for linking up at FNF :)

  15. The little table is really cute and I love the chairs. I say seal them too. Thanks for linking to the Open House Party

  16. I love the vintage rusty look chairs in your garden. Table is darling too!!!


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