French White Pitcher

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

Do You  renew your decorating
moving things around from room to room
You are reusing something you already have in a new way

This vintage french white enamel pitcher is something I
to move around from room to room
Because it is white with just a tiny gold design around the middle
It goes with everything 
and looks beautiful with silver too
White goes with everything

This crown is a new gift and already it is a favorite treasure
Even though it is not new 
it has a wonderful vintage patina


My Family always laughs when I am renewing the treasures in our house
most of the time they will say" wasn't that over there"
my favorite "where is that white pitcher that was here"?
I like keeping them on their toes 

Have a wonderful Wednesday
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romantic saying for today
"In dreams and in Love there are no impossibilities"
Janis Arany



  1. I love every place you put it. It's a great piece. I always move things around too. That first vignette is beautiful.

  2. What a great gift, a crown! Love the pitcher, a real gem!
    A Sentimental Life

  3. I "renew" all the time! Love the pitcher! ♥

  4. moving stuff around is vital, furniture too. I've passed the bug onto my children

  5. No one in my family really notices my fluffing of the nest except my younger daughter notices everything! She also moves things around, too. She is addicted to HGTV, and if she does not become a designer or artist of some kind, I would be very surprised! I love your little crown :D I was a Zeta (still am) and I think every nice girl deserves a crown!!!

  6. That is a pitcher to love. It would make me happy anywhere it lived.

  7. Yes, I love to mix things up....especially when I haven't bought anything new in a while.

  8. its a beauty! love seeing it on the white stool.

  9. I do this often too...I like when my family notices though!


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