Vintage Painted White

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

 On my morning walk I found this vintage
singer sewing machine base.
I actually grabbed it from the trash mans hands
Can you believe someone was throwing this away?

This is what it looked like when I found it
someone had
painted it a orange gold color

A little white paint and it looks so clean and beautiful
 you can see the little rollers on the bottom of the legs

It fits right in

Its amazing what a little white paint can do

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romantic saying for today
"To me there is no sound as soft as you, no whispered prayer filled with so much promise"
Charles Ghigna



  1. It's perfect! and I can relate to taking things out of the garbage man's hands!

    I love the view of your rooms...they're so bright and pretty! :)

  2. I LOVE that you saved it, and loved how you put the tray on top.. that's great! So pretty!

  3. Love it...I painted mine white too!

  4. I have SIX of those bases. My husband hates them. Says they attack his toes. People assume I collect them and bring them to me! Handiest critters in the world. And, in the event of a nuclear holocaust, we can produce power with them. Just sayin'....

  5. oh my...in the trash? you brought it back to life and it's lovely!

  6. Wow that is beyond gorgeous! You really gave it new life. I cannot believe someone would trash this!


  7. That little stand looks like it was made for your beautiful space. I love the place you have it in. Your home is so light and airy! just beautiful!

  8. That looks so pretty in white! It is absolutely perfect in your home :) Thanks so much for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  9. Wonderful find! It looks great with a coat of white. Fits right in at that spot.

  10. Just beautiful Pam! Your home is like a warm sea breeze!! Delightful!
    Have a lovely evening!

  11. OK you have inspired me. I have a stand that has been painted black then white then black again, White it is. Kathy

  12. What a treasure! It is so vintage and perfect painted white, I love it!


  13. It must be popular to throw them out as that is how I found my second one. I thought of painting it white but I was not sure if it would look good...It looks awesome I love it. what did you use as a top? The first one I bought for not much and put an old bread board for a top. Thanks again frances

  14. BEAUTIFUL! No need to say more. (And the Ralph Lauren wedding dress for his daughter is absolutely stunning.)

  15. Amazing! It looks like it was meant to be there, and that top is a perfect fit. I think I need to start walking in the neighborhood instead of the treadmill! You were so lucky to find that beauty!!

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