Dylan Lauren Wedding Dress

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

Have you seen the latest issue of Vogue magazine
The long awaited first photo of Ralph Laurens only daughters wedding dress is revealed
The 37 year old bride Dylan looks beautiful
look at the 9 foot train 
What a dream come true to have your Dad design your wedding dress for you
especially if your Dad is the famous designer
Ralph Lauren.

No wonder there were so many beautiful white lace dresses in his collection

Ralph Lauren  2011 collection
The flowers, the dress, the Family and friends , the food
The joy, the hope, the promise, the
This weekend we are invited to our friends daughters Wedding
We are all so excited for the new couple
They are sweet and so in Love
We have had so much fun picking out their wedding gift
{something vintage of coarse}

romantic saying for today
"Let their love grow as the tree grows,deeper,wider,stronger with each passing year"
Sandra McBride



  1. wow -had not seen it- thanks- beautiful!


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