A Month in France

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

Happy to be back from a
world wind trip to Texas 
What fun !!
Texas is filled with wonderful people and fabulous treasures

First stop is hugs and kisses from wonderful Husband and Son
then to the garden to see the roses 
and unpack 

A few wonderful finds to show you
these vintage cake stands
I could not resist 
and a new obsession vintage
~Cake Covers~
 Its confession time...
This may shock a few of you but
I do not own any Tupperware Not one piece of plastic to save food in
I save all leftovers in glass containers
I learned this while vacationing in France for a month.
We have friends who own a home in Semur en Auxois and we lived there for a month
It was wonderful

Here is a picture of the house
Semur en Auxois is about 3 hours outside of Paris
We were immersed in a culture that began each morning with
freshly baked croissants from the bakery in town near the local castle
Learned to traverse the roads which are narrow and mostly unpaved
Tasted the most amazing wine in Burgundy and the best mustard in Dijon
In France you buy most food products in glass containers
Milk, mustard, yogurt, jam,even lemonade almost everything is in the cutest glass bottles and jars

Here is my favorite little mustard jar
we use these for orange juice glasses now
its wonderful to eat the delicious mustard and then enjoy the jar for years after

We Learned to enjoy the taste of fresh food picked the morning of the meal
and enjoyed no television or
radio, no cell phone coverage
evenings were filled with card games and family story telling and reading books
Our children learned to speak a little French and by the end of the trip were making friends
  even swimming in the aqueduct with all of the town children

We learned to save food in recycled glass 
and now I try to buy food here in the States that
come in glass too
So no Tupperware for me
That is why I am so happy to have
found these cake covers

a great way to transport a cake, keep it fresh and its cute too
of coarse I am in
with the vintage white enamelware
cake cover

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White Wednesday

More about A Month in France to come
 the amazing brocantes,
the wonderful treasures

romantic saying for today
"Love lets us see the ordinary in an extraordinary way"



  1. Oh my, what a dream I am sure that month was. What a blessing and gift to be able to experience such a trip.

    Your cake plates and covers are just beautiful.

  2. Pam, you are making me so excited about France. Enno and I are going there in a month. Your photos are beautiful. We won't be in Semur en A... but I know it will be great everywhere we go. Thanks for sharing. xxoo Jenny

  3. Hello,

    That must have been such an amazing trip!
    Beautiful photos!


  4. Que lindo post!
    E eu me identifiquei muito com sua história.... penso da mesma forma... vc deve ter vivido uma infância feliz.


  5. Pam, Amazing trip..And those cake platters are to die for....

  6. How wonderful to have been able to spend a month in France and learn many of their ways. I was there for 10 days and my dream is to go again for at least a month. There is not a piece of Tupperware in my home either and I only use glass for storage. The cake covers are so pretty and you have a fine collection.

  7. what a month that must have been. the location looks gorgeous. i am old enough to remember the days when you got glasses and such as premiums in products such as laundry detergent and oatmeal. and cheese spreads and jelly came in usable glasses. such fun and practical too.

  8. Oh my a month in France, my dream come true. I spent a week there once (1999) and have wanted to go back since. Love all your cake covers, but doesn't work here, ants you know!!

  9. I am so GREEN of envy! the place where you stayed at is like a dream! love the cake stands and the covers, I only have two cake stands and no covers, but they are the cutest ever. Thank you for sharing with us your adventures in France, they make me dream awake.
    Wishing you a lovely day!
    XXX Ido

  10. Oh my it is on my bucket list (I did a post recently called Mt French Bucket Lis) to spend a month in Paris and a month in Provence, visit all the markets and cook up a storm! Your friend's house looks picture perfect! you must have had an amazing time!


  11. Wow, Pam! When were you in France? Ken's sister lives right near Paris, so does Ken's dad! They walk everywhere.

    Storing everything in glass is also so much better for you.

    Looking forward to hearing more about France...


  12. Oh my goodness.....what a dream come true! What a beautiful experience for your entire family, Pam. I'll bet it was hard to return to the harsh reality of U.S., wasn't it? :) Looking forward to seeing more pics of your time there, and hearing more about the French way of living! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Thank you so much for coming to visit and leaving a comment!!
    Wow!! What an amazing wonderful thing to be able to travel for a month and LIVE the culture in a home! Beautiful post...now I'm going to read more of your older posts! I'll be back ;)

  14. I love the idea of not using plastic containers. It's something I should do. I so loved your photos and experiences you shared of your stay in France. What a wonderful experience. I would love to do that.

  15. I don't own any tupperware either, but never openly admitted it. I think glass lends such respect to the food, and your cake stands and cake covers are a complete celebration of cakes. I'm looking forward to hearing more about France.

  16. Hmmmmmmm. I've been looking for an excuse to get rid of most of my Tupperware & plastics. I get SO tired of their mess. Can't seem to corral them all in a consistent manner. I have plenty of glass already and will keep my eyes open for a few more select pieces. I'm a CONVERT!

    I like Magi's statement: "glass lends such respect to the food"...

    Your month in France. What a dream.


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