A Warm Spring Day

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

you could smell the lavender in bloom
in our back yard

It is a laundry on the line
kind of
Spring day here
The sun is shinning 
and there is just a slight breeze

Doing laundry is so much more
~laundry can be fun~
when you get to
hang things up to dry
in the
warm sun 

I like to use vintage wooden 
clothes pins
it is heavenly to smell the 
 growing right by the line
filling up the area with a wonderful fragrance

The sheets are next and I can't wait to smell the clean linens on the bed tonight
Did you know the dryer uses the most electricity in your home?
to have the sun to dry everything today

romantic saying for today

"Oh thou art fairer than evening air clad in the beauty of a thousand stars"
Christopher Marlowe



  1. Pam, I love lavendar and yours is just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your lavender is just gorgeous, Pam, and how nice that it's planted near your clothesline! I didn't know that fact about the dryer and the electricity it uses...more reason to get outside this summer!! :-)


  3. I love lavender! I bet it smells like heaven! We do not have a clothes line here, but the pollen count is so high, we would not be able to air dry anything around here until the storms wash it away. But there is nothing better than air-dried bed linens.

  4. Hi Pam!
    Do you think your lavender stoechas is a spontaneous species in the mountains around my house, so the scent in the air is a mixture of Mediterranean scrub and lavender, the scent of laundry, as you rightly say!

  5. Beautiful & soothing! My French lavender bushes bloom in late May. That is just about the prettiest laundry basket ever.
    :) Lara

  6. Oh I wish I could hang clothes out, I miss that all winter long, soon I hope!! Beautiful blog site, I'm so glad I found a link to it!! Thanks for sharing Pam

  7. nothing is sweeter than the smell of lavender and fresh linens! thanks so much for stopping by my blog:) hope you have a wonderful week! xo grace

  8. So fresh and pretty!

    Love my new treasure...thank you so much!!

  9. Hi Pam! I'm so glad you visited my blog over the weekend. Don't you just love pugs? I would love to see Finley! do you have any photos on here? I also see that we have faith and a love of romantic things ♥ I hope you have a great week~

  10. Ahhhh I love the photos with the brick patio I can just smell the lavender on the breeze. OH MY how I am just so ready for summer! And to think I used to be embarrassed as a child when my Mom hung the Laundry on the line, now I know how special it was!

  11. I love hanging out clothes. Even in the winter as long as the temperature is above freezing. There is nothing like sheets that have been dried outside. Luscious!!! ~~Sherry~~


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