Cupcake liners

Hi Everyone

Happy Tuesday

Look closely at this picture
via the web
yes that is 
Paper cupcake liners
Oh My
the cupcake on top of her head too

I came up with the idea to
decorate the chandelier
  with paper cupcake liners for
Valentines day

It did look adorable
 I  have a few left over
What else could I do with these little paper cuties?
I wish Rachel Ashwell would make Shabby Chic paper cupcake liners
hint hint .....
I know I would buy them

Easter is very soon
my wheels are turning
Anyone up for a challenge?
Let me know 
this could be fun......
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Tuesdays Treasures

romantic saying for today

"Kiss me and you will see stars, Love me and I will give them to you"



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