Pretty in Pink polka dots

Hi Everyone

Happy Thursday

Look what Lilly sent me
the pink polka dot galvanized bucket
This would make doing laundry so pretty
My eyes immediately went to the white painted wood floors too
This is the perfect shade of
so soft and delicate

reminds me of these flowers

Wish you could smell this amazing
~ night blooming jasmine~
look at the gorgeous pink and white flowers
so delicate and the flower
has a romantic fragrance that is
intoxicating at night

Thanks Lilly for sending me the fun photo and the great idea...
Not sure if I will paint my galvanized buckets
but it is tempting

What do you think...
Would you paint your galvanized bucket
Pink or white or polka dot?

Happy St Patrick's day
don't forget your green
Sending prayers to Emmy today

romantic saying for today

"Forever is not a word it is a place where
two lovers go when true love takes them there"




  1. I probably would not paint a galvanized bucket , but , wood? YES.

    Very cute indeed.

  2. Such a pretty picture! Love the very subtle pops of soft pink.
    I was just at the nursery yesterday and was smelling the pink flowering Jasmine. It is heavenly!

  3. Ooooo if I had more than one bucket I would definitely paint one! It's a great idea.
    We have a couple of night blooming jasmine bushes...I can't wait until they start blooming. It really is such an amazing smell.

  4. The pink for sure! I loved these pictures, thanks for sharing!


  5. I LOVE jasmine. I'm going to plant some on my arbor this spring! And I love your bucket!


  6. Love that kitchen!
    Oh I would paint pink polka dots on a bucket!!!

  7. I've just become one of your newest followers... love your style!

  8. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous. What an eye for beauty you have.

  9. I love that pink polka dot bucket-it is awesome!! Love the jasmine pictures too!

  10. That picture is great!! Hum? White is my color at the moment. Looks like it's your fave too:)
    Thanks for stopping by.
    xxx Liz

  11. I'm so happy I found you, I really enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I'm following you now! Wishing you happiness, Katherine
    P.S> my color of the moment is spring green


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